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3rd Party Cookies Technology Solutions

In response to publishers needing more clarity on the alternative options available for 3rd party cookies the AOP have put together a page that details the different technology providers and the solutions that they offer. Each entry lists the areas that the technology provides a solution for, details of the technology and how to get in touch with the provider for more information. Accessible to AOP publisher members, please input your email address to access the directory.


Link Attribution Email Directory

Following the launch of our AOP Link Attribution Protocol, born out of the AOP Audience Development Steering Group, please find a directory of participating publishers. If you are interested in finding out more about registering for the protocol, please contact


Financial Audit Toolkit - programmatic advertising

The Financial Audit Toolkit was produced in collaboration with the Programmatic Cross Industry Taskforce. It consists of the Data Fields List (DFL) the Audit Permission Letter (APL) and the Principles of Use document. It provides advertisers and publishers with the necessary industry recognised standards to begin auditing their programmatic supply chains, levelling the channel up with all other media channels.


AOP Link Attribution Protocol; Summary of Principles

Following feedback from several of our publishers, the AOP aims to raise awareness of fair link attribution and encourage best practice among the digital publishing community as we continue to move towards a fairer, more transparent ecosystem. The Link Attribution Protocol is based on evidence and feedback gathered from members and provides a practical solution.



Under the GDPR a key element of Data protection by design and by default is the requirement for Data Controllers to determine if a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) should be conducted. AOP have compiled DPIA guidance aimed at helping publishers develop their understanding and capability to conduct DPIA’s.


ISBA Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study

The advertiser-funded ISBA Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study, in association with the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) and carried out by PwC, marks the first time that programmatic advertising supply chains – the way in which advertisers and publishers are served by the programmatic ad delivery system - have been mapped from end-to-end, anywhere in the world.


AOP Ad Quality Charter

The charter was officially launched at the AOP’s Inside Out Digital Publishing Convention on 1st and 2nd November 2017. The charter outlines terms supported by the AOP and aims to take the lead in promoting premium verified quality audiences and inventory.


AOP Ad Blocking Guide & Audit

Publishers are losing revenues and advertisers are losing audience reach but our members are fighting the threat. This guide forms part of our AOP Ad Blocking campaign to attack the problem, defining a position and collective action, whilst engaging with the ad industry to drive better standards. This is a guide available to AOP Members only. To access, please register and log in to the AOP website.


AOP GDPR Good Practice Guidance

The GDPR workstream has resulted in the AOP creating its own AOP GDPR Working Group, supported by legal advisers Lewis Silkin, to help guide the output. The goal of the Group is to reduce risk by creating good practice guidelines and resources our members can use collectively. This is a guide available to AOP Members only. To access, please register and log in to the AOP website.


AOP Protocol

This protocol has been developed through extensive consultation with AOP Member Publishers, ISBA, IPA, major agency buying groups and tech leaders with a goal to create shared understanding, via this collaboration, that is simple and beneficial for the entire ecosystem.