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AOP Protocol

AOP spent much of 2018 developing the AOP Protocol which we are now releasing to the industry for review. This protocol has been developed through extensive consultation with AOP Member Publishers, ISBA, IPA, major agency buying groups and tech leaders with a goal to create shared understanding, via this collaboration, that is simple and beneficial for the entire ecosystem.

Our partnership with The Media Trust

To communicate the protocol and monitor uptake AOP has partnered with The Media Trust to create the AOP Cookie Consortium.

The Media Trust is scanning AOP publishers’ digital ecosystems to identify all third-party vendors. This scanning also provides detailed information on cookies running in the UK. Together with the AOP and its members, The Media Trust will work with vendors to determine the purpose of these cookies. Finally, the AOP will confirm the vendor’s status with regards to the AOP Protocol.

Participating companies can register their response to the AOP Protocol and will benefit by pro-actively having their cookies captured, classified, categorised, and shared by The Media Trust with all AOP publisher members. This will also help reduce the risk their cookies will be blocked, as well as significantly reduce time and effort they would otherwise invest in disclosing their cookies to individual publishers.

To understand the details as they apply to you and to participate, please visit The Media Trust website via the link below. We hope you will find value in this initiative and look forward to creating progress together towards a better and simpler ecosystem.


Download the Guide

Supported by The Media Trust, the AOP Cookie Consortium continuously scans all AOP publisher websites to identify executing vendors and their cookies. This information is presented to you via the Digital Vendor Risk Management (DVRM) platform for your review and accessed by publishers to incorporate into their data privacy programmes. Download the guide to understand how it works.



Download the Protocol

The AOP Protocol is designed for use by publishers (the "Publisher") when engaging advertising vendors (including advertising agencies, ad tech vendors, trading desk bidders and ad servers (a "Vendor") that deploy, or cause to be deployed, cookies, pixels, tags or similar technologies on a Publisher's website(s) and other media platforms and/or which process data derived from such cookies.

For Publishers:

If you are an AOP Publisher Member, the Protocol is now available to download, please make sure you’re signed in to the AOP website to access. If you are not an AOP Publisher Member, but would like to gain access to the Protocol, please contact


For Vendors:

Participate in the Cookie Consortium to support member data protection compliance efforts.

Once you have registered you can access the AOP Protocol within The Media Trust platform.