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May Expert digital publishers share best practice for collaborative data matching 1

AOP News | Ask the Publishers

Expert digital publishers share best practice for collaborative data matching

Five leading digital publishers shared their insight with us on what they saw as the opportunities that such collaboration created for publishers and advertisers alike, and the potential pitfalls that advertisers should be watching out for.

Published: 30 May 2023

Ask the publisher Feb article 2023

AOP News | Ask the Publishers

Five ideas to enhance your branded content

Consumers are increasingly becoming ad blind. Most of us skip pre-roll adverts as soon as we get the chance, and while the global average CTR for banner ads is disputed, it’s generally agreed to be well under 0.5%. Advertisers are increasingly seeking ways to engage authentically with their audiences in seamless, non-intrusive manners that inform, entertain or inspire. Branded content provides the buy-side with the opportunity to meet those objectives and tap into a treasure trove of first-party data. But how can you make sure that a publisher-advertiser partnership delivers the maximum value for all parties?

Published: 27 Feb 2023

Pub jan navigating the permacrisis through quality 2

AOP News | Ask the Publishers

Navigating the permacrisis through quality journalism

2022 saw Russia invading Ukraine, Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, a global cost of living crisis, and Donald Trump announcing his intention to run for President of the USA. Against a backdrop of seemingly perpetual uncertainties, quality news publishers play an important role in continuing to inform and educate their audiences.

Published: 03 Jan 2023

Pub SEPT Here are six ideas to make sure youre prepared for the demise of cookies 2560

AOP News | Ask the Publishers

Six ideas for preparing your advertising strategy for the demise of cookies

The impending demise of cookies will alter the face of marketing forever. As it stands, cookies underpin a core element of advertising strategy: tracking and targeting individual users across the internet to ensure you’re reaching your desired audience. Now, Google announced in late July that they wouldn’t be axing cookies from Google Chrome until 2024, giving the advertising industry some breathing space to continue putting alternate identity solutions through their paces.

Published: 26 Sep 2022