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Publisher Membership

Find out how being an AOP Member can benefit your business.

AOP provides a unique platform for sharing and collaboration amongst like-minded members, by promoting and supporting the interests of original content creators. We create the access to shared knowledge and debate for learning in a neutral environment and help spread best practice.


Our platform for collaboration takes different shapes, starting with our Publisher members who participate in the invite only Board and Steering Group meetings, to our wider industry discussion through our CRUNCH and flagship events. We provide an environment of trust, facilitate thought leadership, help publishers to exchange views, stay on top of developments and determine what good looks like. Equally, members need to commit to participate to achieve maximum value.


Benefits to all AOP Publisher members

  • Access to all member-only groups – benefit from cross-industry knowledge, be at the forefront of issues facing the industry. Groups include: Ad Ops, Audience Development, B2B, Commercial, Product Development & Research.

  • Access to AOP website member-only content: Member Resources, DLR, research and presentations available to all staff within the member company – to access please register for a login.

  • Access to leading online research and insight, including our bi-annual Census Report, monthly Digital Landscape Report (DLR), industry benchmarking research, as well as a number of ad-hoc Consumer and B2B Research projects

  • Member discount on ABC audits: 25% off the one-off registration fee and 15% off the rate card for each website traffic audit; providing that at least two audits are performed annually. Note: this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • Discounted tickets for annual flagship AOP Digital Publishing Convention and Awards

  • Access speaker presentations from all AOP events

  • Regular member discounts on other media industry events

  • Publishing press releases promoting your digital business on the AOP website
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Board Membership

Board Publisher Membership

Board Publisher membership is open to companies whose principal focus is to create and publish original content for their readers via digital platforms. Board members have the opportunity to influence the direction of the AOP and define the AOP’s overall strategic objectives and initiatives.

Board Member Benefits
  • One voting seat on the board, and therefore the opportunity to influence the direction of AOP – the board determines AOP’s strategic objectives, overseeing all AOP initiatives
  • Access to the Digital Publishers Revenue Initiative, administered by Deloitte on behalf of AOP, a pool of opted-in Board Members who provide their digital revenues on a monthly basis to achieve an aggregate view of the marketplace. All data is strictly confidential and members only see the aggregated view, enabling them to benchmark their own performance against the wider market on a3 monthly basis. Data points cover display, sponsorship, video, mobile, recruitment, other classified, subscriptions and other digital revenues, and can be measured to provide a detailed view of the market on a month-on-month and year-on-year basis
  • Attending other member-only and Board-only events, i.e. subject-specific roundtables
  • Board members are also entitled to unlimited free places at our monthly CRUNCH events

Publisher Membership Tier

Publisher Membership

The Publisher Membership tier is designed for specialist, independent and SME publishers with less than £5 million revenue per annum.

Publisher Member Benefits

  • Bespoke invitations to select member-only events - member dinners and breakfasts for discussion, debate and sharing key business challenges.
  • Exclusive invitations to member-only workshops where we will explore the issues on topics such as ad blocking, mobile monetisation, and more and come up with solutions or best practice to address them. Affiliate members are entitled to one free place at workshops.
  • Affiliate members are also entitled to two free places at our monthly CRUNCH events
  • Support of AOP position on key industry issues, a prominent voice in the industry.
  • UKOM - governance of the audience measurement system delivered by comScore, a voice representing members interests.
AOP on LinkedIn
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