Publishing Tech Talk

26-27 September & 3 October 2023, 
Charlotte Street Hotel, London


Publishing Tech Talk 2023 is designed to ensure that publishers are fully briefed and able to leverage emerging tech solutions to grow audiences, increase revenues, and drive their business forwards.

We’ll be focussing on data – how publishers can transform into truly data-led organisations and take control of the value of first party data. And we’ll be focussing on product – how to build sustainable product development and audience growth, and how to respond to developments in AI to deliver more user-centric product development. 



Join us for the sessions and content most relevant to you! Over two weeks Publishing Tech Talk will present four TechTalk sessions, hosted round table discussions, and in each week a downloadable special report providing a summary of the key discussions as well as additional content to inform and inspire.



    Publishing Tech Talk: Data Special Report

    To make sure you didn’t miss a thing, we’ve created an exclusive report to make sure you have the essential ingredients you need to leverage the value of your first, second, and third party data.


    TechTalk Live: How to be a data-led publishing success

    Key takeaways

    • Publishers, adtech vendors, and other actors in the sector have conflicting objectives that they’re working towards in the post-third-party cookie internet. Publishers need to go back to basics and review their overarching strategy and purpose. It should always come back to your audience and at the end of the day, publishers need to be the experts of their audiences to really tap into the value of their first-party data. To build a trusted relationship with your audience, you need to create an experience that delivers on the user’s needs – not those of the advertiser.
    • You need to have a unified approach to data across all your teams and data should be at the heart of decision-making in all areas of your business. When everyone is working towards the same north star, you guarantee that your data strategy will have much greater impact.
    • It takes work and training to make sure that everyone is fully aligned with your data-driven approach. Having a training programme that people can tap into at varying levels of data-literacy is a critical part in making sure that everyone is part of this journey.
    • Audit your tech stack constantly. The publishing tech space is constantly evolving with new players and solutions entering the market regularly. Make sure to review your tech stack and be prepared to strip out a vendor if they are no longer delivering against your overarching goal or if a competitor has a better offer.
    • Publishers should be collaborating now more than ever and sharing knowledge. A rising tide lifts all boats, and as we enhance the publisher first-party offers, we should be working together to engage advertisers and agencies in the value of direct partnerships.

    TechTalk Live: How publishers can control the narrative around first-party data

    Event Partner - UKOM

    Key takeaways

    • Engagement is the new currency and having a comprehensive first-party data strategy is key to driving engagement. Data is informing everything from content to commercial for digital publishers, but you have to remember that it has to be working towards creating a positive user experience.
    • Transparency is key. If you’re upfront with your audience about what you’re collecting and how you’re using it, and your goals are aligned with what your audience want, you create an environment where people want to share data with you. Ultimately, the trust of your community is your most important asset.
    • Don’t underestimate the importance of due diligence when you enter into a data partnership, whether with vendors, other publishers, or advertisers. Increasingly, responsibility is being placed upon all parties to ensure that the data is consented and ethically obtained.
    • Get your home in order. You need clear collaboration across teams, and this might mean that you need to rethink how you’re communicating. Are you speaking their language? It could be that you can encourage teams to utilise your data by finding ways to embed your insights into tools that are already being used.
    • More broadly, collaboration is also important across the industry, such as publishers working to create joined-up solutions to ease partnering with advertisers. And from an adtech side as well, developing flexible solutions that are able to plug into other products could be hugely beneficial. We need to be working together rather than remaining in silos.


    Tuesday 3rd October, 9am to 12.45pm, Charlotte Street Hotel

    TechTalk Live: Building sustainable product development & audience growth

    Event partner: Google


    Tuesday 3rd October, 13.45pm to 17.00pm, Charlotte Street Hotel

    TechTalk Live: AI & User-Centric Product Development

    Event partner: Baytree


    Thursday 5th October

    Look out for the PTT Newsletter and downloadable Special Report


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