Publishing Tech Talk

11-14 October 2021

The agenda is designed to enable you to dip into the content of most direct relevance to your business and your job role. As well as the mix of virtual and live events, there will be videos to watch on demand, articles to read, and other new resources to access to build your knowledge.

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11 October 2021

It’s All About Your Data

Join us for a day of content and information that will help you ensure that you are taking control of and leveraging your data, particularly first party data. Watch this space for news of more opportunities to hear from and question leading publishers and tech solutions providers. The day’s programming will include:

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12 October 2021

Winning in the advertising marketplace

Day two of Publishing Tech Talk will focus on how publishers can leverage tech solutions to earn the best value for premium content in an increasingly complex advertising marketplace.

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13 October 2021

Diversifying and building reader revenues

On day three we’ll be focusing on reader revenues, on which successful growth for most publishers depends. Join us for a day of content exploring the latest tech solutions that can support your membership and subscriptions strategies, that can develop your ecommerce opportunities, and ensure you generate the best value for your data and lead generation products. The day’s programming will include:

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14 October 2021

Putting the customer first: creating the best user experience

The final day of Publishing Tech Talk will focus on the user experience – which should actually be the first priority for all quality digital publishers. Through a day of articles, podcasts, and live webinars we’ll be exploring how to deliver the best possible user experience across editorial and advertising. And then join us in person for the Publishing Tech Talk Social – your chance to meet up with everyone that matters and chat through what you’ve heard in the week, or just chat! The day's programming will include:

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