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Formed in 2002, the Association of Online Publishers [AOP] is a UK industry body representing digital publishing companies. We champion the interests of media owners from diverse background including newspaper and magazine publishing, TV and radio broadcasting, and pure online media. Our mission is to support these organisations in their continued commitment to the creation and distribution of high-quality original content, for the benefit of the consumer.


Together, we are better positioned to tackle the key issues facing the publisher community, which is why we encourage connections among our diverse membership. Our extensive programme of events and working groups encourages the continuous exchange of views, knowledge and experiences in a trusted collaborative environment. We keep digital publishing companies informed on the latest industry news and offer bespoke research for member organisations to benchmark their performance in the industry.


As the voice of online publishers, we sit on numerous industry boards and trade bodies, ensuring that members are plugged into important industry conversations. We are heavily influential in industry initiatives and have regular dialogue with the CAM and DCMS, as well as other trade bodies like IAB, ISBA, and IPA. Additionally, we work with a range of partners including Lewis Silkin, Deloitte, The Ozone Project, The Conscious Advertising Network, Newsworks, and Brixton Finishing School, allowing us to extend the insights we can share with our member base.


We continually and rapidly respond to industry threats and challenges through our working groups, whether that’s working with the ICO on GDPR, trialling new technologies around identity solutions, or championing the adoption of higher industry standards. Our extensive network allows the AOP, on your behalf to have a voice at the table, create meaningful connections and drive conversations that will safeguard the future of premium publishers and digital publishing.