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Steering Groups

Our steering groups are the life blood of AOP and help build networking ties across the industry. Member organisations can input into the agenda, drive discussion, share learnings, and send key staff members to represent them in the meetings. Through these groups, we ensure our members have access to platform owners such as Facebook, Google, and Apple to help them get the inside track, as well as hear from a wide variety of vendors about key topics. Our current steering groups include: Commercial, Ad Ops, Research, Product Development, B2B, Audience Development, HR and JAB [Journalism Advisory Board].

One of the key objectives of AOP is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and build networking ties across the industry.

AOP groups meet at least once each quarter to share knowledge, opinions and advice on key industry subjects, to continually improve their digital businesses. The groups have worked on and released industry responses to the ‘cookie law’, and examine current issues such as ad blocking on an ongoing basis. We connect our members together to build relationships, strengthen their position and to influence the industry as a collective entity.

Whilst at the request of group members, guest speakers can be invited to present to the groups, they have the unique advantage of being vendor-free.

Ad Ops

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Audience Development

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Journalism Advisory Board (JAB)

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Product Development

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