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The Ad Ops Steering Group operates to discuss and share advice on the latest developments in ad tech, ad issues such as ad blocking, latency and fraud, and any new regulations and standards.

Key Themes
  • Native advertising/Creative solutions
  • Viewability
  • DMP’s and data
  • Programmatic and specifically PMP’s
  • Audience Extension
  • Mobile
  • OMS and workflow solutions become programmatic
2021 confirmed dates
  • Thursday 4th February - 11am
  • Wednesday 24th March - 11am
  • Thursday 6th May - 11am
  • Thursday 8th July - 11am
  • Thursday 23rd September - 11am
  • Thursday 18th November - 11am


Tony Mehmet

Tony Mehmet
Ad Operations Director
ESI Media

Kerys Pic

Kerys Arundell
Head of Ad Operations - Automotive
Bauer Media

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