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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Guidance

Under the GDPR a key element of Data protection by design and by default is the requirement for Data Controllers to determine if a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) should be conducted

AOP have compiled DPIA guidance aimed at helping publishers develop their understanding and capability to conduct DPIA’s. 

AOP Data Protection Impact Assessment Guide: 



In addition to the guidance document the AOP DPIA pre-qualifier Google sheet template provides a mechanism for establishing and recording when a full DPIA is required.


DPIA Pre-Qualifier for AOP:



The Guidance results from a series of workshop events following the publication of the ICO report into Adtech. The workshops collated a series of proposed mitigating options that address specific risk areas but, in some instances, rely upon various players across the Adtech industry to implement them. We have collated these in a Mitigation Option Response to present a collective view intended to help influence other ‘players’ with whom support is essential in order to affect some changes for which Publishers have no control e.g. RTB and IAB’s TCF


Mitigating Options Response: 



The Mitigating Options Response document will be reviewed and updated monthly, as matters progress.