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Content Ignite: Fusion is our cutting-edge advertising technology platform designed to give publishers complete control over on-page monetisation, ad technology, and ad management, all through one simple integration. We remove the heavy lifting for publishers so they can concentrate on what they do best, creating high quality content.

Fusion was built to:

1. Maximise revenue through CI monetisation solutions and Demand Path Optimisation 

2. Reduce costs through tech that improves team workflow, yield optimisation, and optimal productivity gains via:

    • Drag and drop ad stacks (85% reduction in time to set up an ad stack)
    • Experiment technology & AI Dynamic Floors to boosting ad ops productivity/yields - Unified Reporting, all your programmatic and direct in one interface
    • Contextual Segmentation - seamlessly build audience segments for sales teams to sell

    3. Create efficiencies. One platform, one partner, that’s connected to 100’s of SSP & Ad-Tech Integrations to manage your tech and monetisation, all through one tag.

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      Wynfield, 14 Grange Road, Ringwood, Dorset, BH24 2QE


      James Hanslip

      James Hanslip