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Digital Directory

Cateogory: Measurement & analytics

LiveRamp makes it safe and easy for businesses to use data effectively. We connect publishers and advertisers and enable them to create meaningful experiences for their customers.

Contact: Ryan Afshar

Piano enables the world's largest media companies and brands to accelerate their subscription, advertising, analytics and personalization initiatives in order to engage, monetize and measure content experiences.

Contact: Rupert Knowles

Pubstack is an advertising performance optimization platform for Publishers. We empower monetization teams with advanced technology and granular data to help you maximize the value of your inventory and generate more ad revenue.

Contact: AsmaĆ¢ Bentahar

Sourcepoint is the privacy software company for the digital marketing ecosystem.

Contact: Nial Ferguson

Sovrn owns and operates a proprietary ad technology stack with direct connections to every major buyer in the world.

Contact: Rene Canales

Standard Media Index is the most trusted global source of advertising spend and pricing data.

Contact: James Fennessy