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Sequency™ provides GAM with real-time viewability intelligence for it to determine when to generate carbon efficient impressions within its inventory.

These new green impressions attain an active view score of 98% and will only trigger one bid request. GAM will assign these new impressions to ensure that an ad campaigns carbon reduction and viewability targets detailed in the line item are achieved, specifically Direct, PMP or PG deals.

GAM will only generate green Sequency™ impressions when a line item requires it. There is no fixed cost with Sequency™, a $0.30cpm is charged only for impressions created by Sequency™ and delivered by publisher’s GAM.

Ad serving Open Programmatic Sustainability tool - auditing & optimising

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Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor
Managing Director EMEA

Flavio Duration media

Flavio Velasquez
VP Strategic Partnerships - EMEA