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Brand Metrics

Our technology integrates with publisher's sites, enabling them to measure brand lift at a scale never seen before.

We use bespoke scripts and algorithms to deliver four metrics - awareness, consideration, preference and action intent - from a single consistent survey question.

We do not use 3rd party cookies or panels and our efficient survey targeting enables publishers to measure mich smaller campaigns than before, even as low as 50k impressions.

We measure all types of digital campaigns, including branded content and we supply brand lift results in a detailed report that also compares campaign results to our benchmark database of over 25,000 campaigns across 122 categories.

And being a SaaS platform, we charge a single monthly fee to measure an unlimited number of campaigns, truly democratising brand lift measurement.

Working with Brand Metrics over the last two years has enabled us to measure the advertising effect on far more campaigns than in the past." Louise Crosby, Director, Strategic Development, News UK.
"Brand Metrics' data-driven strategies have enabled us to identify and seize new revenue opportunities. Brand Metrics has truly become an invaluable partner in our business." Russell Foxley, Head of Data, The Guardian.
"With the use of Brand Metrics' technology, we are now fantastically placed to use insights from thousands of brand lift reports to inform marketing strategies and educate advertisers beyond the click." Jade Power, Director of Digital Monetisation, National World.
"Partnering with Brand Metrics has helped us to offer brand lift data to all our brand spend advertisers to help prove the effectiveness of their advertising on our sites." Victoria Trevliion, Head of Advertising Technology, Gumtree UK.
"We're incredibly excited about the new developments at Brand Metrics and how these advancements will present new commercial opportunities for Bloomberg Media across the region." Phil Robinson, Head of Data Science & Insights, Bloomberg.

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Sean Adams
Global Insight Director

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Brand Metrix Algorithm

Simply the best - how algorithms finally triumphed against ad measurement inertia

For obvious reasons, most of us prefer facts we can understand and trust to be valid. The challenge, in our technological times, is that the facts with the greatest validity are often hard to understand, and the most understandable facts are often wrong.

Published: 01 Mar 2022
Author: Anders Lithner, CEO, Brand Metrics