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Anonymised (recently re-branded from ID Ward) helps publishers and advertisers reach and monetise audiences at scale without exposing any personal data. It allows publishers to reclaim 100% of their lost audiences (cookieless and non-consented) and protects first-party data by giving advertisers granular targeting capabilities using only anonymized data (HQ: London & Barcelona)

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Google’s decision to keep third-party cookies is bad news for competition

Here we are again. A year after its first U-turn, Google announced that it will again push back the sunsetting of cookies on the Chrome browser, this time to Q3 2024. The search giant is gifting the world two more years of pervasive tracking, endless cookie pop-ups and deeply inefficient advertising.

Published: 07 Oct 2022

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Waiting for the cookie to crumble? How manufactured confusion around cookieless technology is hurting the industry

Almost three years ago the advertising industry began waking up to the fact that third-party cookies and mobile identifiers are going away. Since then, dozens of alternative ‘identity’ products were launched, hundreds of articles published, countless events organised, and a small army of self-professed experts have offered their views (like this one). And yet, we are no closer to a resolution: most cookieless technology is deeply inadequate, the market is still confused and there is a widespread sense of cookie fatigue.

Published: 07 Oct 2022