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Permutive’s infrastructure empowers publishers and advertisers to address all of their audiences in-the-moment, whilst protecting privacy and respecting consumer consent. Permutive enables publishers and advertisers to activate audiences responsibly at scale and effectively use first-party data without ever exposing consumers’ personal information.

Permutive’s Audience Platform leverages on-device processing, allowing us to deliver ID-agnostic addressability at speed and scale. Via Permutive’s Cohorts, publishers and advertisers have the power to strengthen and action their valuable data – making entire audiences addressable.

Audience Platform 

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Privacy-preserving Edge or 'on-device" technology, which minimizes the data that leaves a user’s device, by processing and anonymizing it on the device itself.

How it works

Our Audience Platform takes advantage of on-device processing, which performs sensitive computations, processing and anonymizing, on the device itself instead of sending their personal data to the cloud. Placing the privacy and immediacy of edge processing at the heart of your campaigns.

With Audience Platform publishers can:
- Take segmentation and analysis from overnight to real-time.
- Target all authenticated and anonymous traffic everywhere, without cookies
- Get live campaign analysis and unlimited lookbacks deliver unique audience insights that boost inventory value and give you an edge in RFPs.

Publisher input

Needs SaaS


Activation and delivery needs work, as does transparency over results at an individual publisher level.

Results were not as sold.

Additional benefit was audience insights we gathered.

No clear results as yet.

Would recommend as delivers well but disappointing in that very few additional audience insights.

Significant increase in inventory for on-site targeted advertising.

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