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InfoSum is the world’s leading data collaboration platform and the only secure data clean room prioritizing customer privacy. InfoSum enables safe connections between multiple parties to unlock the full potential of their customer data without risk of exposure or misuse. InfoSum not only prioritizes consumer privacy, but enhances it with patented, non-movement of data technology to create the most protected, most connected, and most accessible data collaboration network.

InfoSum's data collaboration platform

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InfoSum empowers companies to deliver rich data-driven customer experiences through privacy-first data collaboration.

Our technology relies on two core pieces of technology: Bunkers, which are secure private cloud locations where our clients can hold their data in a fully anonymized state, and our non-movement of data technology, that allows for data in two Bunkers to be compared via any available ID and to draw aggregate analysis from it without sharing it.

How it works

Unlike traditional solutions that require data to be moved into a third-party environment, InfoSum’s platform is built on decentralized infrastructure that removes the need to share data.
By removing the need to share data, each party retains full control of their data and never risks the commercial value of the data being utilized by a third party.

InfoSum data collaboration platform is used by customer-centric companies to power multiple levels of collaboration. Each party has a private and secure Bunker containing its data. Multiple Bunkers can be analyzed as one without moving or sharing data.
Customers are matched either on the unique identifiers already in the data or by using a third-party identity spine as an ‘identity bridge’.

This analysis delivers rich customer insights that drive planning, audience extension, activation, and measurement use cases.

Publisher input

Publishers connect the data collected by their DMP or CDP with their own Bunker to make that audience data safely available for collaboration with other companies.

Value prop for Publishers:

Unlock the full value of audiences, without sacrificing control or risking the commercial value of underlying data

Deliver a better experience to audiences through more relevant advertising

Partner with other media companies to create a scaled audience solution


Secure and accurate data match with advertisers. Successful performance against a number of engagement metrics.

Positive outcomes. Safe and accurate data matches.

Using clean rooms: easy to track but quite a manual process.

Data bunkers performed exactly as expected.