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At Covatic, we have long been passionate about our privacy first approach. For today’s clients, it means we can offer solutions that are viable and sustainable in this new world. Our AI lives on the customer’s phone, browser or other connected device and so too does all of their personal data—and it never leaves! We never harvest personal data, we don’t use third party tracking data —nothing linked to an individual or their specific device. No cookies, yet 100% addressability.

Covatic A-Type

A-Type uses on-device processing to allocate groups of users to relevant advertising cohorts.

We combine first party data, our own contextual insights and third-party socio-demographic datasets—such as CACI ACORN or Experian MOSAIC segments—to create highly relevant and sellable audiences.

This data is can be used to solve the identity challenge for marketing, advertising, measurement and subscription operations.

How it works

A-Type is private-by-design. It is designed to be GDPR, CCPA and ATT safe and doesn’t need users to login, which means you can make your entire user base addressable.

A-Type does not expose a personal ID. Personal data never needs to leave the user’s device due to our on-device processing architecture.

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