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51 Degrees

51 Degrees

51Degrees pioneered the creation of a new approach to preference and pseudo anonymous identifiers.

Known as SWAN or OneKey, the approach is unique.

1. Uses language people understand – “do you want personalized marketing?”, rather than, “do you want cookies?”

2. People consent once for all participating publishers and advertisers. Bye-bye consent fatigue.

3. Complies with GDPR.

4. Is truly decentralized and open source.

5. Places emphasis on audit - eliminates bad actors and identifies middlemen.

Secure Web Addressable Network (SWAN) Community

First party cookies, and where available third party cookies. Web primitives that underpin the web in a way 3PC don't are used making SWAN practically very hard for web browsers to interfere with.

How it works

Multiple SWAN Operators form a data storage network. Publishers contract with Operators to access a) web browser pseudo anonymous identifier; b) users preference for personalized marketing; and c) an optional pseudo anonymous identifier derived from email address with a passcode. All participants must provide cryptographic proof that they used the data commuicate this back to publishers and people. The full supply chain becomes transparent not just for privacy but also identification of "middlemen". Data is stewarded for the good of society and not for profit corporations.

Publisher input

All solutions will only be successful with wide publisher adoption. SWAN is no different in this regard. However unlike other solutions publishers will not be "picking a new king" because SWAN is a community where there is no single controller (i.e. TCF2, UID2, etc). Competition encourages fair pricing among SWAN Operators.

SWAN is a decentralised, open source and auditable solution.

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