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The opt-out consumer Understanding its impact on the advertising ecosystem

Starting: 27 Sept 2022 , 14:00 — Ending: 27 Sept 2022 , 15:00

Consent practices are evolving, and a 2022 “reject all” ruling for consent banners is driving the emergence of the opt-out consumer.

Permutive is kicking off industry conversation with a webinar to understand the challenges associated with user consent, and how collectively we can rebuild user trust by finding solutions that respect consumer consent, grow publisher revenues, and support advertiser scale.

Join us as Husna Grimes (VP of Global Privacy at Permutive) hosts a group of guest panellists from Forrester, AOP, The Independent and the ICO to discuss next steps for our industry.

This event will help you to:

✔ Understand the impact of consent practices on Publishers and Advertisers

✔ Understand the regulatory and legal changes in EMEA and the US

✔ Gain insight into how publishers can work with regulators to build the progressive change that benefits all stakeholders