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Thriving in a first-party digital ecosystem

Published: 14 Oct 2021
Author: Patrick Ugeux

Building on its research on data maturity, Deloitte has just released the findings from a report, commissioned by Google, that examines how publishers and broadcasters are preparing for a more privacy-centric commercial future.

Online users have become increasingly aware of the importance of privacy and the use and value of the data they share online. According to the Deloitte research, 81% of consumers reported taking some action due to data privacy concerns in the past year, while Google & Euroconsumers research reports that 69% say the amount of personal data collected online makes it difficult for them to protect their privacy. Driven by these concerns, recent regulatory change and announcements by leading platforms aiming to protect customer privacy, publishers and broadcasters (together “publishers”) have spent the last few years preparing for a more private internet.

Google has been working with the broader web community to design and implement new privacy-preserving technology, without compromising the vitality and sustainability of the open web, and commissioned Deloitte to produce this report to better understand publisher behaviour today and examine how publishers can thrive in the privacy-centric future. Based on conversations, surveys and roundtables with 30 of Europe’s leading publishers, the report aims to:

Key Findings

Though it must be noted that the research focused on leaders in the market with the ability to invest in such solutions, this finding is hugely encouraging and should serve as a catalyst for investment. Overall business strategy, objectives and context should drive where each company chooses to focus this investment.