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Pubstack secures $6M in Series A funding to expand and meet increasing needs from Digital Media companies

Published: 23 Mar 2022

Pubstack is proud to announce its successful $6 million Series A funding round, led by ISAI and existing investor Go Capital. Additional investors in the round include prestigious business angels Hervé Brunet (ex-CEO & Founder of Stickyads) and Jean Canzoneri (ex-CEO & Founder of Ogury). The company, which helps digital media companies unlock the real value of their inventory, will use the capital to accelerate product development as well as global sales.

A funding round led by industry-renowned investor ISAI

After initial seed funding from financial partners Kima Ventures and Go Capital in May 2019, Pubstack turned to ISAI as co-lead investor and partner for the Series A funding round. As well as the continued support of Go Capital, ISAI’s team of experts will provide strategic and operational advice to help Pubstack accelerate its growth and build a global business.

"AdTech is an industry we know well at ISAI. Players are facing changes every day and they need to constantly adapt in order to run and optimize their business. This is true for advertisers but also true for publishers. Pubstack was launched to help digital media businesses monitor and improve their ad revenue stream in a context that has massively changed over the last years and will undoubtedly continue to do so."

J-David Chamboredon - CEO & co-founder, ISAI

“In a context of growing complexity for the AdTech industry, it is critical for publishers to be able to rely on the right partners to efficiently build their ad stack.

Since its launch, Pubstack has positioned itself as a trusted partner to help publishers make the right choices and optimize their advertising revenues.

This new round of financing allows us to confirm our commitment and support to the team to build a new generation leader in AdTech – by continuously addressing broader issues and making it easy for publishers to grow their business in the long term.”

Alexis Menard - VC, GO CAPITAL

About Pubstack

In just under three years, Pubstack has established itself as the leading European platform in advertising performance optimization for digital media companies. Thanks to its advanced technology and granular data analytics, monetization teams are empowered to maximize the value of their inventory and to generate more ad revenue.

In the past 24 months, Pubstack has worked with 70 digital media companies — among them Vinted, Le Monde, De Telegraaf, DPG Media, Webedia, Groupe Marie Claire — helping them to optimize their ad revenue and providing them with the transparency they need to navigate the increasingly complex programmatic environment.

“Pubstack’s strength is that it is a genuine real-time monitoring platform, so as soon as we make a decision, we can directly see its impact on Pubstack’s dashboards. We get real-time data that allows us to instantly see the results of the choices we make. Pubstack’s support team always gives us valuable insights on the platform and challenges us on certain topics. They are very available and proactive, which has enabled us to move forward and make the right decisions.”

Daniel Soares – Digital Operations Director - Le Monde Group

A critical need for a solution to empower digital media companies

Over the last few years, the digital advertising industry has been mutating at a dizzying pace. From the switch to programmatic buying, to the growing number of privacy regulations, the increased usage of ad blockers, fierce competition with GAFAM, the soaring number of AdTech platforms and middlemen, and the end of third party cookies - such changes have completely transformed the way digital media companies must operate. Selling ad space used to require sales skills – it now requires engineering and data analysis skills.

Digital media companies must therefore deeply reinvent their overall operations in this new context, starting with monetization, in order to take back control of their revenues.

Thanks to its SaaS platform that offers powerful automation capabilities and enables digital media companies to unify monetization data, Pubstack is putting the power back into the hands of digital media companies.

“The digital media company of the future will be tech-savvy and data-driven at all levels: from content creation and audience acquisition to – amongst others – monetization. Pubstack’s mission is to support content creators in building that future.”

Loïc Sfiligoi, Co-founder - Pubstack

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