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Pixels AI

✔️ Scalable Instream Video Placement: We automate the distribution of high quality video using predictive AI

✔️ Real Time Article Matching: It takes us less than two minutes to find a relevant video for the top slot of your article page
✔️ Editorial Relevancy Score: We give full content control to editors, allowing them to qualify whether a video is worthy of the top placement
✔️ Positive Impact on SEO: Higher user engagement and improved content matching have ripple effects that benefit search engine optimisation
✔️ Complement Existing Video Solutions: We integrate seamlessly with your existing video setup and our solution works alongside the mid-article placement

“Pixels AI has transformed the way we use video. It means we can now reliably publish millions of instream video streams each month.” (Sandro Del Grosso, Revenue Growth and Innovations Director, The Independent)
“This partnership helps us put the Guild brand and our authentic and exclusive gaming content in front of targeted and engaged digital audiences. It will enhance our current content advertising strategy with greater reach and frequency and boost our ability to talk to gamers away from the traditional social and streaming platforms which is vital for our growth.” (Jasmine Skee, CEO, Guild Esports)

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Alex Powell

Alex Powell

Guy Abbott

Guy Abbott

Smaranda Ardelean

Smaranda Ardelean
Product Marketing Lead

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Your current video setup is losing revenue

Automated instream video placement that drives 3x more revenue per page and works alongside exisiting solutions.

Published: 25 Sept 2023