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Why ‘consent’ is going to become a big issue for publishers in 2023

Published: 29 Nov 2022

The future of advertising: Q&A with Richard Reeves of the AOP.

By Richard Jamieson

Managing director of the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) Richard Reeves answered Press Gazette’s questions about the future of advertising and publishing and explained why data and readers providing informed consent is set to become a key issue.

PG: What challenges are the digital publishing industry facing around data, advertising and consent?

RR: “What we need is a common ground for how consent is requested and communicated so that audiences can clearly understand how their data is used, what their consent enables, and how saying “yes” can benefit their user experience. Too much complexity and it becomes unreasonable to expect the average internet user to understand consent to the point that they can be considered truly informed.

“This is a headache for the minds behind the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), which has been criticised for bundling together too many permissions, as well as for Google Topics, which needs to communicate to users that their interests are determined at the browser, rather than site, level. On top of this, “reject all” has different implications on different sites, while ad tech vendors will have definitions of their own that might mark such users as untouchable.

“With consent remaining high on publishers’ agendas, many are exploring tech solutions that do not rely on personally identifiable information, such as the growing market of AI-powered personalisation, contextual, and attention-based technologies.”

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