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Launching HELLO! Happiness, accessible happiness for everyone

Published: 22 Mar 2023

89% of HELLO! readers say that happiness is their number one priority. *

To coincide with World Happiness Day, 20th March 2023, HELLO! is proud to unveil the launch of HELLO! Happiness, an ongoing initiative deigned to help our community to achieve the one thing they really want: a happy and contented life. Following a year of research and working in partnership with Warwick University’s Professor Andrew Oswald, HELLO! Happiness’s first audience engagement will be the Pathway to Happiness, a free 10-week subscription course with actionable content and measurable results.


A central pillar of the HELLO! brand going forward, HELLO! Happiness is designed to take our readers on a positive journey. Happiness is not a passive state and, working with our experts at Warwick University, the Pathway to Happiness is composed of simple steps to take and changes to make which have been scientifically proven to result in an uplift in happiness. To prove its efficacy, HELLO! and Warwick will conduct comparative research of a control group versus our Pathway participants.


Experts agree that subjective levels of happiness are likely impacted by a general pattern in the shape of a U, starting off high at the age of 18 and dropping gradually as life progresses, bottoming out in late 40s, and in upward trajectory following middle age.

“We can’t explain the path of happiness,” says Professor Oswald, who is donating his time to assist the project, “But
what we can do, thanks to many studies done all over the world, is to show that there is this remarkable U shape
over the most of life.” He says it’s a huge paradox that this low point tends to occur that when people are generally
earning the most, and before illness and infirmity hit. But while it’s surprising, it’s a pattern that can be seen among
great apes and chimpanzees, too. “So maybe there is some deep mechanism at work here,” he adds, “that is not
about the nature of modern life at all.”


As the year progresses, HELLO! Happiness will release sequential chaptered content, each focussing on a contributing factor to happiness, sharing first person accounts, easy-to-follow recipes for happiness and new discoveries, all based on scientific insight. In addition, thanks to our ongoing audience research, HELLO! Happiness will continue to be honed for maximum audience participation and success.’s Editor Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon celebrates the launch “I know from personal experience the
power of positive psychology, so this project, with its potential to meaningfully impact the lives of so many readers,
is our most exciting to date. We are experts at telling stories and engaging our readers. Combining this with scientific and research expertise, thanks to Professor Oswald and his marvellous team, gives us the potential to really make a difference.”



About HELLO!

HELLO! Happiness is set to be a permanent and central pillar to HELLO!’s holistically positive and affirmative approach to its audience. It has never been more important to share a sense of optimism, hope and community. Whilst negativity bombards our audience on almost every front, HELLO! is a refuge of escape, of inclusion, of practical optimism and collective experience. The HELLO! brand has seen a huge audience increase over the past 5 years - something we attribute to our audience leaning into our uniquely positive and safe, uplifting content with research supporting this.

Our aim is to offer attainable happiness for everyone, encompassing immersive and informative content, working with experts across the fields of happiness, and developing a programme to encourage sustained engagement and real change for our audience.

*A 2023 survey of 5,517 HELLO! users asked what is most important: Appearance, Career, Happiness or Wealth.
Happiness ranked number one across all age groups, with the remaining categories contributing only 11% of responses.

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