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ID5’s flagship event, Identity 2022, is back to help the industry prepare for the new era of digital advertising

Published: 19 Jan 2022

The virtual event brings together identity innovators and thought leaders from across the industry

London, 19 January 2022 - ID5 is hosting Identity 2022 on January 26, its annual event aiming to help the industry navigate all the changes and identity alternatives that have emerged as we near the cookie deprecation deadline. This year, ID5 is collaborating with five event partners to supply its audience with a jam-packed schedule of industry-leading experts and thought-provoking content.

With sessions focussing on privacy, the future of mobile identity, implementing cookie alternatives and more, the Identity 2022 agenda includes:

When: 26 January 2022

Where: The event is virtual, you can join us from anywhere in the world.

Who should attend: If you want to get an in-depth understanding of all the regulatory and technical changes taking place across the digital advertising ecosystem, and are in the process of evaluating various identity alternatives, this is the event for you. Identity 2022 aims to simplify the cookie-less migration process and help you be better prepared for the new era of digital advertising.

‘Our industry needs collaboration and creative problem-solving as audience addressability challenges become more complex and more urgent this year. We are glad to have the opportunity to join ID5 for an important dialogue about how publishers and advertisers can work together for a clear path forward in the identity and addressability space by the end of 2022,’ Peter Barry, VP, Addressability, PubMatic

‘The advertising industry is becoming more regulated and is posing complex challenges for marketers wishing to personalise advertising to consumers. ID5’s identity event is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to understand how to navigate and prepare for the future of identity, now!’ Fiona Campbell-Webster, Chief Privacy Officer, MediaMath

‘Identity 2022 is the perfect opportunity for all industry players to come together to learn, share insights and collaborate. The new era of digital advertising comes with many challenges and uncertainties, from the continual development of privacy regulations to the arisal of technical restrictions. Identity 2022 is designed to share knowledge and best practises to help the ecosystem thrive in the new era of digital advertising,’ Mathieu Roche, Co-founder & CEO, ID5

About ID5

ID5 was created to improve online advertising for consumers, media owners and advertisers, with the ultimate goal to help publishers grow sustainable revenue.

ID5 provides the advertising ecosystem with a transparent, scalable and privacy-compliant identity infrastructure. Its solutions improve user recognition and match rates and provide a stable, consented and encrypted user ID to replace third-party cookies and MAIDs. This enables publishers to better monetise their audiences, advertisers to run effective and measurable campaigns, and platforms to maximise the value of data and inventory for their customers.

Created in 2017 by seasoned ad tech professionals, ID5 services clients globally. For more information about ID5 and its solutions, please visit:

Media contact:

Alex Taylor

PR & Content Manager, ID5

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