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Published: 18 Nov 2021

Further Actions To Build More Inclusive Workforce

Planned For January and March 2022

November 17th, 2021, London: All In, the industry’s drive from the Advertising Association, the IPA and ISBA, to build a workplace for UK advertising where everyone feels they belong, has announced it will award ‘All In Champion’ status in summer 2022 to companies that evidence completion of actions from its Action Plan. Initially three actions to improve the representation and experience of Black, Disabled and Working Class Talent, a further six actions will be added during Q1 across Gender, Age, Asian Talent, Mental Health and LGBTQ+. These new actions are being developed by the Advertising Association’s Inclusion Working Group in partnership with industry pressure groups including MEFA (Media for All), WACL, Bloom, Outvertising, NABS and 40 Over Forty.

The work will build towards a repeat of the All In Census, a landmark survey completed by more than 16,000 people from advertisers, agencies, media owners, tech platforms and production companies in March this year. To help companies prepare to apply for ‘Inclusion Champion’ status, All In is running a series of free-to-attend sessions providing guidance on how to complete each action. More details on the sessions can be found here.

In addition, the All In Hub, a depository for resources to help employers build an inclusive workplace, has continued to develop with over 100 initiatives now available for companies to easily access.

Sharon Lloyd Barnes, Commercial Director and Inclusion Lead, Advertising Association, said: “We have had a tremendously positive reaction from the industry to All In. Many leaders are determined we make good on our promise to build back better when it comes to inclusion. The introduction of the ‘All In Champion’ status is a result of multiple requests to demonstrate real, tangible delivery on the action plan to improve inclusion levels in our workplace.”

Kathryn Jacob OBE, CEO, Pearl & Dean, Chair of the Inclusion Working Group, and member of the Ageism and Gender groups said: “Following on from the successful launch of All In, we’re now offering support to the sector with the creation of more working groups, who will be ensuring that we have the right tools and practises to create a truly inclusive workplace. Our research showed that for those over 45, careers seemed to diminish, and we are all too familiar with the issues faced by women in the workplace. I’m delighted by the addition of these key voices to our mission to create a better, kinder, workplace.”

Danny Josephs, Client Partner, MFUSE, Chair of the Disability Working Group, said: “There are already so many super-talented disabled people out there who, as our data shows, feel excluded by our industry. Another 2% of the working age population become disabled every year. I had no idea until it happened to me and that’s why this is the most important campaign I’ve ever worked on.”

Mark Runacus MBE, Joint Chief Executive of Outvertising and Chair of the LGBTQ+ Working Group, said: "I'm delighted that the industry is taking steps to address the inclusion issues that the All In survey has highlighted. Our LGBTQ+ colleagues face many challenges in the workplace, and our recommendations will ensure they are truly welcomed, and enjoy a safe place where they can thrive and be their authentic selves."

Naren Patel, Founder, Media For All, Chair of the Asian Talent Working Group, said: “I was saddened to read the results of the survey relating to discrimination faced by people from Asian backgrounds in our industry and hope that we can work with the AA to raise awareness of the problem and make the industry a better place for people from all backgrounds.”

Bobi Carley, Head of Media & Inclusion Lead, ISBA, Inclusion Working Group and the Mental Health Working Group, said: “Nine months after the All In Census, it’s great to see part two of the Action plan roll out. The Census showed that there are so many areas in our industry that need attention but the positive is that there are so many expert groups who are driving change. Together we want to ensure everyone is aware and working together to make our industry a place where everyone feels they belong and it’s brilliant being involved.”

Kate Waters, Director of Client Strategy and Planning, Commercial and Online, ITV plc, President for WACL, added: “On behalf of WACL, I am delighted to be part of the All In working group on Gender. From the data, it's clear that we have still have significant gender-related issues to address within the industry, from the 'glass pyramid' which sees men and women represented equally at the beginning of their careers but far fewer women at the top, to sexual harassment and the motherhood penalty. There's much that can be done to accelerate gender equality and make our industry a better and more rewarding place to work for all women.”


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Matt Bourn, Director of Communications

Mariella Brown, Press Officer

About the Inclusion Group

The Inclusion Group was established to improve the diversity of UK advertising’s industry through its workforce and creative output. Its first action was the creation of the All In Hub, a showcase for the industry’s many diversity and inclusion schemes and the launch of the All In Campaign. The Inclusion Group’s members include ISBA’s Head of Media, Bobi Carley, the IPA’s Associate Director, Diversity, Leila Siddiqi, Saatchi & Saatchi’s Managing Director, Sarah Jenkins, Channel 4’s CMO, Jane English, GSK’s EMEA Media Director, Jerry Daykin, Creative Equal’s Founder and CEO, Ali Hanan and Sharon Lloyd Barnes, Commercial Director and Inclusion Lead at the Advertising Association.

About the Advertising Association

The Advertising Association promotes the role and rights of responsible advertising and its value to people, society, businesses and the economy. Responsible businesses understand that there is little point in an advertisement that people cannot trust. That's why, over 50 years ago, the Advertising Association led UK advertising towards a system of independent self-regulation which has since been adopted around the world. There are nearly thirty UK trade associations representing advertising, media and marketing. Through the Advertising Association they come together with a single-voice when speaking to policy-makers and influencers.

About the IPA

Incorporated by Royal Charter, the IPA’s role is: to advance the value, theory and practice of advertising, media and marketing communications; to promote best practice standards in these fields; and to ensure that the work it does will benefit the public, the wider business community and the national economy. It has a well-earned reputation for thought leadership, best practice and continuous professional development and also provides core support and advisory services. Its membership base is predominantly made up of corporate members who collectively handle over 85% of the UK’s annual £22bn ad spend and who represent over 4,000 brands and employ over 25,000 staff. Based in the United Kingdom for nearly 100 years, IPA programmes can be found in more than 60 countries worldwide.

About ISBA

ISBA is the only body representing the UK’s leading advertisers. Speaking with one voice on behalf of over 3,000 brands, we advocate a trusted advertising environment - transparent, accountable and effectively regulated. Working with our network of senior marketers, we help our members make better decisions both now and for the future. ISBA is a member of the Advertising Association and represents advertisers on the Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice, sister organisations of the Advertising Standards Association, which are responsible for writing the Advertising Codes. We are also members of the World Federation of Advertisers. We are able to use our leadership role in such bodies to set and promote high industry standards as well as a robust self-regulatory regime.

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