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The Identity Conundrum

Date: 30 Mar 2023 , 9:00 - 12:00
The Apartment, The Hoxton, Holborn, WC1V 7BD

Our CRUNCH series continues to be supported by our TAB partner Google

Publishers are seeking that golden trifecta – identity solutions that are privacy-compliant, effective, and allow them to rebuild the lost trust with their audiences. However, as the field of identity develops rapidly in response to increased industry requirements, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered and a lot of uncertainty about who is genuinely delivering in this area and which solutions aren’t.

Join us at AOP CRUNCH on March 30th as we aim to demystify identity, tackle common misunderstandings, and explore how publishers are taking steps to ensure that any solution they implement meets the needs of their brands.

  1. As we embrace a cookie-less word, how can we develop new approaches to identity that preserve user privacy while still delivering against the needs of publishers?
  2. What is the buy-side expecting as the identity landscape develops? How can publishers and agencies be more aligned in matching and meeting those needs?
  3. Not all solutions will be appropriate for all brands – so how do you identify what your next move should be?
  4. We need to rebuild consumer trust. How can digital publishers effectively communicate the value-exchange to encourage users to share their data?
  5. What questions do we need to be asking suppliers to ensure that trust is also being restored between publishers and solutions providers?

CRUNCH events are complimentary for all AOP members. Tickets may be available to non-members at a cost of £395 + VAT depending on availability. Places are limited and it is recommended you confirm your place as soon as possible.


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CRUNCH is a series of four events where publisher members can come together with their contemporaries and the industry for

  • Collaboration to progress key industry issues
  • Inspiration and learning
  • Networking

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