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The innovation revolution: how product development is charting a course to revenue diversification

Date: 07 Mar 2024 , 9:00 - 12:00
Charlotte Street Hotel, London

Our CRUNCH series continues to be supported by our TAB partner Google

As the digital publishing landscape continues to evolve in the wake of the deprecation of third-party cookies, how are digital publishers building the foundations for future success, whilst continuing to diversify their revenue and build out audiences? We joined leading digital publishers and industry experts at AOP CRUNCH this March 7th to hear how they are are leaving the cookie-cutter strategies behind and investing in commercial and editorial product innovation to open up new revenue streams and create better opportunities to engage with their audience.


  • Communication and education are essential – both for your commercial team and for clients. Publishers are sitting on a wealth of first-party data and insights, with tools that provide a 360-degree view of their audience, but work still needs to be done to ensure people fully understand the value of these tools.
  • Data is valuable, but the real strength for publishers is the insights that are derived from this. AI could provide new opportunities to turn insights into ‘so what’ moments to inform strategy decisions, particularly when working with clients who are at the beginning of their transformation journey.
  • Contextual has historically been one of the biggest strengths for digital publishers, and it will continually to be so. However, it’s about re-packaging what’s always been done in a new, tech-enabled way that will excite clients.
  • Challenge your definition of high-value users. As publishers develop more granular audience segmentation strategies, there are new opportunities to bring together different data sets and create better offerings for clients and for use internally by commercial and editorial teams.
  • More collaboration is needed across publishers to develop solutions to common challenges, such as sharing insights to develop a better understanding of our audiences and offering the same taxonomy across multiple touch points. However, this needs to be balanced by continuing to lean into our individual strengths and USPs to differentiate the offering from different digital publishers.
  • Partnerships are everything, and digital publishers need to strengthen relationships with advertisers and agencies. This will help publishers to be in the room as a strategic partner to deliver more effective campaigns, and also to ensure agencies have a better understanding of the tools and solutions available so that they can keep those in mind for the next pitch they’re responding to.

Featured Speakers

Martin Beachamp 1 edit8 copy

Martin Beauchamp
Chief Product Officer
KINESSO UK & Ireland


Nadine Campbell 2024 A

Nadine Campbell
ACE Group


Samantha Eales Headshot

Sammie Eales
Head of Commercial Audience Data
Mail Metro Media


Mmm headshots Luke Hand 2625

Luke Hand
Insights Director
Mail Metro Media


Rory Latham Linked In

Rory Latham
Senior Director, Global Investment, Programmatic


IMG 0125 2

Katie Le Ruez
Director of Digital
Guardian News & Media


Arshiya Nazir

Arshiya Nazir
Strategy Director - Addressable and Commerce


Benjamin Pheloung

Benjamin Pheloung
General Manager


Morgan Stevenson Linked In

Morgan Stevenson
Digital Transformation Director


IMG 20230927 WA0004

James Walmsley
Director of Digital Trading
Immediate Media