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Repurpose, recycle, rethink: how publishers can make the most of their content

Date: 25 May 2023 , 9:00 - 12:00
The Apartment, The Hoxton, Holborn, WC1V 7BD

This May 25th, we joined industry leaders at AOP CRUNCH to discover how publishers are maximising the reach of their content by repurposing content for different platforms, surfacing archival content for new audiences, and developing evergreen SEO and social strategies.


Here are just a few of our key takeaways from the morning discussion…

  • There is no silver bullet in audience growth. Instead, it’s a series of small changes made daily that over time lead to a remarkable shift in audience growth. However, you need to make sure you have a clear strategy and vision before your start repurposing content – otherwise you’ll find you’re probably better creating new content!
  • Experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness have never been more important for digital publishers. You need to lean into your expertise to ensure that your content resonates with your audience and is surfaced by various search algorithms.
  • You can’t work in silos anymore. Teams need to sit together and share key insights in order to understand what works best for your target audience. Having this open conversation is the foundation to delivering stronger content.
  • Own your archive content. Challenge your team to find new ways to surface older content – whether that’s through a dedicated newsletter, regular updates to the content to ensure it remains relevant, or evergreen social media posts.
  • Test, test, test – and don’t be afraid to take risks. Try out new approaches to your content distribution to see how they impact your audience reach. Does more noise actually mean more eyeballs? What content lands best with which audiences? How can you use content that resonates on a particular platform to grow awareness of your brand in a broader sense?
  • Publishers need to explore how new and emerging technologies allow you to optimise your strategies to repurpose and distribute your content – whether that’s finding new ways to measure your audience or whether it’s leveraging AI solutions to take on more resource intensive tasks to free up your content team.

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Repurpose, recycle, rethink: How publishers can make the most of their content

Featured Speakers

Suswati Basu

Suswati Basu
Head of Audience


Headshot Ipsos Simone King 1

Simone King
Client Service Manager


Ben Martin

Ben Martin


Grace Forell 1208 c 1

Grace Forell
Principal Producer/Presenter


Nathan May 1

Nathan May
Audience Development Manager


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Dan Reeves


Peggy Richter 1

Peggy Richter
Strategic Partner Lead, News


Paola roccuzzo headshot large

Paola Roccuzzo
Content Director


1678876973004 1

Tyrone Stewart
Deputy Editor
New Digital Age