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CRUNCH 4.1: Truth and Trust in Journalism

Date: 25 Mar 2021

Truth and trust experienced a year like no other during 2020. Amidst great cultural change, readers sought out high quality journalism as the debate around fact or fake intensified. Brands and agencies increasingly focused on ethical ad funding and now we live in a world where brands, agencies, employees, stakeholders, readers and viewers are actively inspecting their chosen media sources for purpose, ethics and practices. 

CRUNCH 4.1 brought leading editorial figures, academics and analysts together to explore how perspectives of quality journalism have changed and how we build an advertising ecosystem to ensure that truth and quality are rewarded. 


Read the article reviewing the highlights of the full discussion HERE. Our key takeaways….

  • The challenge for the industry goes beyond promoting quality journalism because people will often see opposing media views as an attempt to silence their existing perspective and will instead seek out media that supports their world view.
  • Social Media has created an echo chamber, but is there a risk that subscription models will do the same? We have a duty to create media that supports our values, and not just provide what we believe our members want to read.
  • We need to empower consumers by providing the tools and support to help the less media literate make educated choices about what media they consume, and to encourage government to take on platforms who’s underlying model profits from the spread of misinformation over quality journalism.
  • As an industry we have to ask who is in the room, who should be but isn’t, how can we make sure the room works for everyone? Promoting diverse voices and advocating silenced communities is a key part of developing a balanced media landscape.
  • We have to invest more in journalists to help create the change that we want to see in the world and to ensure that they have the time and resources to credibly fact check their work.

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Featured Speakers

Anna Sophie Harling

Anna-Sophie Harling
Managing Director Europe and Executive Vice President Partnerships
NewsGuard Tech


Riyad Emeran

Riyad Emeran
Head of Content Strategy
Dennis Publishing


Kemi Alemoru

Kemi Alemoru
Features Editor
Gal Dem


Ali Hanan

Ali Hanan Hanan
Founder & CEO
Creative Equals


Rebecca Coombes

Rebecca Coombes
Head of Journalism


Nic Newman

Nic Newman
Senior Research Associate
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism