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CRUNCH 3.1: Digital Advertising: The turning point

Date: 11 Mar 2020


The recent browser changes mean that the opportunity to reinvent and reconnect the ecosystem must be taken.

Our research has shown that advertisers and buyers are keen to see publishers take a unified approach and that publishers also see this as the way forward.

Join us as we bring industry leaders from buy and sell-side together to work out practical solutions as we seek to find answers to the following questions:

  • How can we co-operate around addressability and federated learning networks?
  • How can we increase the significance of context?
  • How will effectiveness from premium publishers drive buy-side engagement?
  • Which technologies will facilitate the process?
  • How do we come together to progress? 

Crunch is a series of six events where publisher members can come together with their contemporaries and the industry for

  • Collaboration to progress key industry issues
  • Inspiration and learning
  • Networking


  1. The more transparent we all are, the better
  2. The ‘Chrome Safe Haven’ will disappear, meaning embracing change is inevitable and essential
  3. Less data means less reliance on deterministic data, which in turn means less reliance on the success measures
  4. It’s time that Publishers collaborated in a meeting with the Duopoly, rather than having lots of separate meetings. This means we can find a collective solution and all move forward together
  5. Moving forward for publishers means: being reader-first, working together and working harder on standards whilst embracing change in a time of uncertainty

Featured Speakers

Karen Eccles Cut Out Approved 2 1 small

Karen Eccles
Chief Commercial Officer
The Telegraph


Preferred Colour corporate press head shot JULIA SMITH

Julia Smith
The Digital Voice


Alexandra Wright

Alex Wright
Digital Programmatic Lead
Channel 4


Nick Mc Carthy

Nick McCarthy
Senior Vice President of Merkle’s Data Solution in EMEA and CDO for M1
Merkle Inc


Hannah Buitekant

Hannah Buitekant
Managing Director - Digital
dmg media


Damon Reeve headshot

Damon Reeve
Ozone Project


Richard Lloyd

Richard Lloyd
Chief Data Officer