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AI-volution and the opportunities for digital publishers

Date: 23 May 2024 , 9:00 - 12:00
Venue: Charlotte Street Hotel, London

Our CRUNCH series continues to be supported by our TAB partner Google

This session is still in development and as such the content is subject to amends. Please email if you would like to play a role in shaping this event.

Generative AI is transforming digital publishing – but how much is just hyperbole? The last twelve months have seen an explosion of GenAI technologies, and with it, a redefining of the way that we work. As an industry, digital publishers need to develop new strategies and policies to adapt to this transformative new technology or risk being left behind – but it’s also critical to implement safeguards to mitigate the risks.

Join us at AOP CRUNCH this May 23rd as we explore:

  • Publisher success stories around the development of new editorial and commercial products that leverage Generative AI to deliver enhanced experiences for audiences
  • Use cases of AI to streamline work processes and free up in-team resources to focus on more valuable work
  • What the optimum balance is between GenAI efficiencies and the all-important human touch in surfacing and creating quality content
  • How the industry at large is responding to the challenges posed by Generative AI for search and discoverability of content
  • The ethical implications of GenAI and what publishers can do to ensure responsible use of the technology

CRUNCH events are complimentary for all AOP members. Tickets may be available to non-members at a cost of £395 + VAT depending on availability. Places are limited and it is recommended you confirm your place as soon as possible.


CRUNCH is a series of four events where publisher members can come together with their contemporaries and the industry for

  • Collaboration to progress key industry issues
  • Inspiration and learning
  • Networking

The Prompt for Video Innovation: Shaping Video Revenue Strategies in Digital - Roundtable Discussion

Join a small group of publishers diving into an insightful exploration of how generative AI is revolutionising publishers' video revenue strategies amidst the ever-changing digital media landscape. Led by Alex Dawson-Smith of Ex.Co and Richard Reeves, managing director of the AOP, the conversation will focus on actionable methods to future-proof video revenue streams through AI-driven innovations. Explore dynamic video contextual matching and cutting-edge audience engagement tools, uncovering innovative pathways to enhance online video performance. Attendance is for publisher members of the AOP and is invitation-only – if you’d like to join the group, please contact Rachel.

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