The Bill Murray Award for Outstanding Contribution to Digital Publishing

In partnership with UKOM and with the sponsorship of Haymarket Media Group, the Bill Murray Award for Outstanding Contribution to Digital Publishing honours the memory of Bill Murray, who passed away in February 2023.

Bill Murray was the founding Chairman of the AOP in 2002 and served as Board Chair until 2009, ensuring that the organisation was established as a collective voice for online publishers of quality content. He was also a founder director of UKOM in 2009 and was on the Commercial Board until his passing, playing a pivotal role in the establishment of a UK industry standard for online audience measurement. Bill’s long career in digital publishing began at Haymarket Media Group in 1986 and continued for over 22 years – he made a significant impact not only on the growth of that business but also to the many people who worked alongside him at that time.

The Bill Murray Award will be awarded to an individual who is following in Bill’s footsteps through their commitment to making a positive difference within the digital publishing sector. The winner will be nominated and chosen by the respective board and leadership teams of the AOP and UKOM

WINNER 2023: Ryan Uhl, Chief Brand Strategy Officer, Mail Metro Media


Ryan has been recognised for his contribution to the work of AOP and UKOM as well as to other industry initiatives and organisations – including TAG and the IAB. This Award also celebrates Ryan’s enthusiastic drive to make the digital publishing sector more diverse and inclusive, and of course for his valued contribution to the success of Mail Metro Media.


"Ryan has been a long time champion for industry standards - and not only in theory but also in embedding their use into all relevant parts of businesses across the industry.

Ryan’s support for UKOM and the implementation of its industry standard governance is exemplary. Ryan is able to wear the hat of the objective industry representative and is candid on those occasions when his input may be swayed by his own organisation’s interests. He is passionate about digital media, about the engagement of quality audiences online and about the opportunities that are presented by multi-device audiences.

In a world that knows fierce competition and is sometimes driven less by logic and more by emotion, Ryan’s approach is collegiate and pragmatic. He recognizes the breadth and complexity of online media and has been able to deal with issues that are difficult and politically sensitive from an industry standpoint, with patience, logic and (most importantly) good humour.

Ryan has gone way beyond the job description in representing the very best of digital publishing and deserves this recognition. Bill Murray would be proud to raise a glass to him." - Ian Dowds, CEO, UKOM

"The nominees for this very special award are all people who you would describe as ‘stand out’ individuals, people that make a positive and lasting difference through all that they do.

The winner of this Award is a truly passionate human being that demonstrates extraordinary energy and application, unwavering honesty, is respectfully collegiate, selflessly supportive and deeply committed not only to their own commendable values but to the defence of those of his colleagues and the wider industry at large.

I have witnessed first hand the objectivity that Ryan applies to his multi-representational roles, and all the discussions he participates in; not just with regard to his participation within the industry representative bodies where he has an active role, or just within the industry standards bodies, such as UKOM and TAG, where he can be reliably counted on to be a major contributor, but across everything he does, within his organisation, the support of his colleagues and charges, his dedication to driving societal change through championing issues such as sustainability, ethics, D&I and, his commitment to create lasting positive change through engagement with his industry peers – where he is much respected and admired for his dedication.

I cannot think of a more suitable recipient for this the first ‘Bill Murry Award’, dedicated to someone who, throughout their career, demonstrated the same valour." - Richard Reeves, MD, AOP

"He really is very knowledgeable. He understands the industry. He's been around a while, so he's seen how it's evolved and iterated. He really understands it." - Jules Kendrick, MD UK & Europe, TAG

"That’s amazing news regarding Ryan. In the world of media you come across people who are talented and committed and then you come across someone like Ryan who is the most passionate person I have ever met. In all my years in media I have never met someone who is so committed to the cause - whatever it is. I am lucky to work with someone like Ryan and it’s a honour to be his line manager." - Dominic Williams, Chief Revenue Officer, Mail Metro Media

He really cares about the important topics in the industry, the things that other people might just let slip by. He's driven us forward in areas like ID&E, sustainability, the value of publishing. He has made a big difference to both the work that we are doing, but actually the whole industry.” - Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

“I want to say thank you so much for seeing the potential in me as a small intern from three or four years ago, and helping me develop and become a strong, independent, confident woman in my career today.” Freena Tailor, Insight Manager, Mail Metro Media

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