The Bill Murray Award for Outstanding Contribution to Digital Publishing

In partnership with UKOM and with the sponsorship of Haymarket Media Group, the Bill Murray Award for Outstanding Contribution to Digital Publishing honours the memory of Bill Murray, who passed away in February 2023.

Bill Murray was the founding Chairman of the AOP in 2002 and served as Board Chair until 2009, ensuring that the organisation was established as a collective voice for online publishers of quality content. He was also a founder director of UKOM in 2009 and was on the Commercial Board until his passing, playing a pivotal role in the establishment of a UK industry standard for online audience measurement. Bill’s long career in digital publishing began at Haymarket Media Group in 1986 and continued for over 22 years – he made a significant impact not only on the growth of that business but also to the many people who worked alongside him at that time.

The Bill Murray Award will be awarded to an individual who is following in Bill’s footsteps through their commitment to making a positive difference within the digital publishing sector. The winner will be nominated and chosen by the respective board and leadership teams of the AOP and UKOM

WINNER 2024: Jo Holdaway, Chief Data & Marketing Officer, Independent Digital News & Media

Jo Holdaway


The winner of this special award is someone well known to me, someone who’s unwavering support, wisdom, substantial industry knowledge and candour, helps keep me honest and in line and whose backing continues to give me the confidence to execute AOP’s mission on behalf of its members. Jo is simply the one person you want in your corner. - Richard Reeves, MD, AOP

Jo Holdaway really deserves to receive the Bill Murray Award. Not only has she made a tremendous difference to the business she works for, but she’s made a big difference to the whole industry. At both the AOP and the IAB, she’s helped to lead industry initiatives, particularly around data privacy. So thank you Jo, and very well done! - Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

I’m absolutely delighted that Jo Holdaway is the winner of this year’s Bill Murray Award. I’ve known Jo well and worked closely with her for 12 years now, and she was instrumental in the early years of The Independent’s groundbreaking journey in digital media long before I joined the mission. I’ve learnt so much from Jo, but especially the following:

  • Always think through your own strategy, never jump on bandwagons
  • There is usually an answer to every challenge – digital media is a big space
  • And don’t be afraid to set big goals – you might just hit them

But the best thing about Jo: they would I’m sure also win every award going for being the nicest person you could wish to meet along the way. - Christian Broughton, CEO, Independent Digital News & Media

Jo embodies the definition of a safe pair of hands. Not only does she always know what needs to be done but she also fully understands why it needs to be done, which is clearly a brilliant combination. I also assume she has the keys to some kind of time machine because not only does she do a big day job brilliantly, but she also manages to contribute so much knowledge and wisdom to the wider industry through trade bodies and associations. When you add that she is a trailblazing woman working in the world of digital media and publishing, I think she is the perfect person to win this Award. - Katie Ingram, Director, Advertising Week Europe

Jo has been at the forefront of digital transformation for premium publishers. She was integral to the first digital pure play UK news brand and she’s been a key player in how data is used by publishers, how it’s monetised, and how it continues to help the publishing industry. A real worth winner. - Philip McMullan, Head of Strategic Insight & Data, Evening Standard

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