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COPE Group integrates the ID5 ID

Published: 17 Feb 2022

Austria’s leading content and digital marketing agency moves to protect customer data and monetise ‘cookieless’ traffic

Vienna and London, February 17 2022 – COPE Content Performance Group (COPE), working with more than 100 platforms in Austria, is integrating with ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, to protect the data for the publishers and monetise their users with a privacy-by-design approach.

COPE Content Performance Group is owned by Styria Media Group and includes leading titles such as,, and

The ID5 ID is a next-generation identifier and it’s part of ID5’s offering, IdentityCloud, a comprehensive suite of services that responds to all identity-related requirements including addressing cookie-less traffic across domains and devices. Advertisers leveraging IdentityCloud’s services can apply key campaign strategies and track performance across different environments while protecting consumers’ data. The solution complies with the highest privacy standards. It’s built on top of a privacy-by-design and encryption technology ensuring that users’ privacy preferences are always respected and enforced in the advertising value chain.

Xenia Daum, CEO at COPE Group, comments, “ID5 enables us to work with pseudonymous identifiers for all of our digital traffic across all browsers. Advertisers and their agencies can target, optimise and measure their digital campaigns without having to share customer data. This is part of our efforts to prepare for the end of third-party cookies.”

Joanna Burton, Chief Strategy Officer at ID5 adds, “The COPE Group focuses on quality digital content from experienced producers and content creators, monetised by experts in data and marketing. The partnership with ID5 ensures that their content is available for targeting and optimisation, regardless of the browser the consumer uses.”

Since its launch, ID5 has been working towards the creation of an efficient identity infrastructure to benefit the Open Web to enable publishers and ad tech platforms to compete with the Walled Gardens. With IdentityCloud, ID5 brings to market a complete, privacy-first identity suite and accomplishes its goal to develop an inclusive solution that provides measurable value to the entire ecosystem whilst reducing advertisers’ dependence on dominant players.

About COPE Group

COPE Content Performance Group (COPE) is Austria's leading agency for marketing transformation, data-driven content marketing and digital marketing. COPE has one of the largest ad networks in Austria, the COPE Network (sd one), encompassing over 100 premium platforms, and is one of the country’s most awarded content marketing agencies (formerly Styria Content Creation). Around 100 employees are at work in the Vienna & Graz offices, experts such as content strategists, storytellers, newsroom insiders, lead & data aficionados, creative filmmakers, activation specialists, project managers, ad tech gurus, and many more. COPE helps companies navigate from content strategy and conception through content creation, technology and platform consulting and finally ensuring the appropriate distribution – provided via the COPE network (sd one), social media and Google, including performance measurement and optimization. CONSULT- CREATE - ACTIVATE.

About ID5

ID5 was created to improve online advertising for consumers, media owners and advertisers, with the ultimate goal to help publishers grow sustainable revenue.

ID5 provides the advertising ecosystem with a transparent, scalable and privacy-compliant identity infrastructure. Its solutions improve user recognition and match rates and provide a stable, consented and encrypted user ID to replace third-party cookies and MAIDs. This enables publishers to better monetise their audiences, advertisers to run effective and measurable campaigns, and platforms to maximise the value of data and inventory for their customers.

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