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SeenThis Adaptive Streaming

Publishing Excellence Awards
Best Media Technology Partner

Given the industry’s focus on developing a more sustainable approach to digital publishing, SeenThis are thinking ahead; helping publishers, brands, and users; and creating scaleable solutions.

Publishers are under pressure. Advertisers want more attention, more premium formats and an engaged audience. Add carbon reduction, inflation and economic challenges to the list, it’s fair to say publishers are being pulled in all directions.

This is where SeenThis comes in. Adaptive bitrate streaming helps to solve the challenges publishers are facing in attention, creativity and sustainability. Instant loading HD quality advertising with no file size restrictions, means publishers can monetise video at scale into standard formats. As SeenThis only streams the ads when in view, publishers cut wasted data, reducing carbon footprint, all whilst driving incremental revenue.

A win win.

SeenThis has done for digital advertising what Spotify did for music and Netflix did for TV. It’s a revolution. SeenThis currently works with over 100 media partners globally, including The Guardian, Ladbible, FT and Telegraph in UK, Best Buys in the US, Clarin in LATAM and News Corp in Australia. With new media brands joining the streaming revolution regularly, SeenThis is fast becoming THE go to technology to solve the multiple challenges faced by media companies today.

Their user case is simple.

  • Increase revenue by offering streamed video into standard formats, driving campaign performance and improving cpm.
  • -Execute and scale campaign creative from clients who wish to use, or that have traditionally used, heavy file sizes, opening the door to new revenue opportunities
  • Reduce CO2e by cutting wasted data, streaming only when the ad is in view.

SeenThis’ carbon calculation for data transfer has been independently verified. By reducing data transfer, our partners can avoid CO2e emissions at source away from offsetting.

SeenThis put their partners first. With no upfront costs, no code on site and an efficient work flow, priced as a cpm. SeenThis offers publishers a performance-based cost-effective delivery method, with managed creative services and a new self-service platform built into their cpm. This takes the risk out of using us in a cost-conscious environment, and an accessible opportunity to augment the publisher offering to clients. The icing on the cake is that driving incremental revenue does not come at the expense of user experience.

Buffering boxes are a thing of the past.

Guardian’s controls around user experience means that ads, especially rich media and interactive video must be of the highest quality. By utilising SeenThis technology, Guardian developed a HD streamed offering in display that provided engaging and interactive formats previously unavailable on The Guardian website helping them hit several 2022 Quarterly digital targets.

Ladbible launched Ladx, powered by SeenThis, and moved towards an outcome based CPCV model. This enabled Ladbible to shift budgets that would otherwise be spent on closed social platforms into the open web. From Jan 2022 they have delivered 253 million streams across 202 campaigns.

The Irish Times Group launched their “Green Credentials” offering which uses SeenThis technology to provide an advertising product that reduces Co2e emissions of digital campaigns. From Jan 2022-23, they streamed 24 million impressions across 85 campaigns. One leading telco partner was able to reduce the Co2e emissions of their campaign by 17%.

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