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The third-party cookie switch-off in Chrome is fast approaching, casting a shadow over the digital landscape, which is currently dominated by ineffective yet cheap programmatic supply chains. Amidst this, an urgent focus on ESG emerges, a beacon of hope against fake news and the pursuit of meaningful metrics. A yearning for authenticity grows, yet many stumble by neglecting investment in first-party data solutions. Publishers, caught off guard by their own oversight, are already suffering revenue losses. In this chaotic environment, News UK boldly leads towards a sustainable future in this chaotic environment, championing accountability and transparency.

Using their first-party data platform Nucleus’ audience insights, News UK boosts effectiveness and visibility while reducing waste. Rich Nucleus data guides all digital brief responses, improving targeting and surfacing insights. Advertisers can reach 42m+ engaged GDPR-compliant users, ensuring future-proof activations.

Plus, News UK is broadening Nucleus capabilities: in Marketing, it leverages customer data for tailored messaging and informed targeting. In Editorial, it analyses web traffic to create resonant content. Nucleus identifies popular formats, posting times, and locations, enhancing user engagement and experience.

Within a cluttered digital landscape, News UK prioritises quality and pledging transparency by partnering with high-integrity tech partners who verify its data and frameworks. It enables advertisers to achieve media firsts by taking metrics beyond the click. Introducing the ability to optimise for Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase Intent and Attention. (Brand Lift metrics powered by Brand Metrics and Attention metrics powered by Adelaide).

Its initiatives enhance contextual relevance and UX for readers, aligning advertising to their interests and the emotions of the content they’re consuming. Thus, engagement, dwell times, and completion rates increase. Regular customer interaction ensures the real-time data ingestion is accurate and surfaceable.

Media owners often ‘conceal’ information about their methodologies, measurements and frameworks. But in News UK’s pursuit for greater credibility, transparency is key. It aims to work with relevant 3P auditors and measurement companies to ensure it never checks its own homework.

Regulatory bodies frequently update and produce new guidelines, and the move from EU regulation to UK-based regulations demand that it provides a product that can easily adapt to pivots.

To confirm that its content is comparable and easy to interpret, News UK has standardised to widely accepted taxonomies. This is key to ensuring that its content and audiences are accurate and accessible via direct, PG, and PMP pipes.

Advertisers have an appetite for cross-platform activation. News UK is looking to adapt its offering beyond digital capabilities by exploring how to elevate measurement across audio and CTV.

Nucleus adoption programmes have upskilled internal talent, ensuring all team members are confident utilising realtime first-party data tools to inform better advertising strategies. 250+ ‘Nucleus learning sessions’ have been conducted designed to break down and position Nucleus capability in a jargon-free way.

Commercial requests for Nucleus insight have increased by 60%+, breaking monthly records. Nucleus is being used to inform every digital brief response, resulting in +138% in Nucleus-attributed revenue in H1 vs. H2 2023. Despite programmatic activation dominating digital, it has increased direct digital revenue by 186% vs budget (YTD) and +18% YOY.

Nucleus targeting boosts CTR by an average of 17%, increases attention by +58%, and leads to an average brand lift improvement of +7%. Nucleus campaigns put advertisers in a stronger position than average digital ad environments due to high brand standings and strong brand lift scores of +15%.

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