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Team Excellence Awards
Sales Team of the Year

The Hello! team achieved impressive growth through innovation, collaboration, and their use of first party data – and also by nurturing and developing every individual. What set this team apart is their values-driven approach.

HELLO’s business approach has always mirrored their editorial ethics, built on the values of positivity, kindness, honesty, and respect – for which they are globally recognised. Their Commercial Team has continuously embodied these values with enthusiasm and integrity. The tight-knit, devoted team are responsible for all commercial touchpoints, including print, digital, display, creative, affiliates, audio, data, and marketing. In a challenging and ever-changing market, this team has proven success in evolving its strategies, demonstrating flexibility and innovation to exceed business targets and significantly contribute to the company’s overall growth.

In 2022, the overall commercial strategy was to increase direct revenue across all platforms, diversify revenue streams through new innovations, retain and expand their client base – all whilst maintaining best-in-class working relationships with partners. Initially starting the year as a team of 23 – and ending it as a team of 28 – the department has high targets to hit: 38% YoY digital revenue growth and 20% YoY 360-revenue growth on 2021’s budgets in a particularly challenging year, which included a commercial blackout across all platforms during the Queen’s funeral.

There were several key factors that shaped this team’s success, including:

  1. A strategy to diversify traditional revenue streams with 360-degree creative launches including formats across audio and events, to meet – and exceed - budgets set for the year. These launches have resulted in new relationships, clients, and revenue. Standout innovations include a wellness podcast ‘In A Good Place’ with Luxury Family Hotels filled with achievable self-care tips; a menopause focused ‘It’s High Time’ campaign with Clarins to eradicate taboos; and the Inspiration Awards with Childsplay Clothing, which continues to shine a light on acts of kindness and community from individuals who went that extra mile to help others or break down boundaries.
  2. Taking a collaborative process approach to partnerships: with sales, strategy, insight, and delivery departments all working as one unit from start to finish, continually sharing knowledge to exceed client expectations and increase RFP wins. This communal approach is unique because all departments are present throughout the entire pitch to delivery stages, to provide continual, best-in-class service.
  3. A first-party data strategy creating bespoke, meaningful audience segments based on HELLO’s core values, but that are also of commercial value to brands – e.g., menopause and kindness. This enhanced the team’s understanding of their audience, allowed them to develop tactical solutions to incoming RFPs and secured partnership and display revenue.
  4. Informal internal mentoring, and lunch and learn sessions to support and empower individuals as one team. This encouraged a unified culture, sparked new ideas for commercial projects and provided a platform for holistic collaboration.

Ultimately, the Commercial Team grew direct revenue YoY by an incredible 28%, whilst also exceeding 2022’s total target set by the Publisher by 7%. This aggressive growth – achieved despite a commercial blackout over the Queen’s mourning period – was across all areas of the business: HELLO! Weekly, HELLO! Fashion, and, with direct sold revenue streams consisting of creative, content, and display. The team also grew by 5 new team members, including a hire initially placed via the Government Kickstarter scheme for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk on long-term unemployment. In addition to retaining existing clients and increasing their spend, this team onboarded 126 new clients into the business. They attribute this to the dedication, focus, relationship-building, and outstanding customer services upheld by the Commercial Team.

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