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The Channel Company (TCC) has launched a trail blazing new intent-based data product specifically developed for the global technology sector. Deployed first in the UK, Channel Accelerator is a cutting-edge account-based marketing product that precisely reveals which businesses want and need to partner with TCC’s clients, based on CRN’s best-in-class first party data capabilities.

The platform delivers highly qualified leads which are 80% more likely to result in a sale than a traditional digital marketing campaign. With Channel Accelerator, technology vendors identify, target, and nurture perfectly matched partners for their business goals. This data-driven service leverages exclusive insights to foster robust connections with IT Solution Providers that are best positioned to speed revenue growth and sustain dynamic engagement for the long term.

Delivered on the Nexus dashboard, it highlights partner behaviour & campaign performance at an account level. This insight enables the targeting of the most engaged partners to nurture through to a marketing qualified outcome from one of the 4 Channel Accelerator programmes.

So how did they do it?

  • It all starts with the data. The TCC data team’s critical role was to bring all of CRN’s rich first party data into one data warehouse
  • The power of the API. It was critical to bringing together the Martech tools that powers the business. Working collaboratively, the data and development teams linked the best-in-class Marketo, Salesforce, and DSP analytics to bring together these customer and partner buying signals
  • The Nexus dashboard was born. Automated and able to self-serve through client log ins. This proprietary technology uses data on audience behaviour to accurately reveal intent and purchasing propensity that clients can use to prioritise sales follow-up and supercharge conversion rates. With an average order uplift of 171% experienced by clients, Channel Accelerator is transforming the value they get from their marketing with The Channel Company

“I’ve used similar services in other industries, and I’ve always found that the offering was very structured and inflexible and therefore the engagement with our campaigns was quite low,” said Richard Eglon, CMO, Agilitas. “With Channel Accelerator, I was really impressed with the quantity and quality of leads we were able to obtain and that we could continue to customise and evolve our campaigns to adapt to the responses we were receiving. Having an omnichannel platform meant we were able to accelerate the reach of our campaign messaging, plus our dedicated account manager was able to guide us with best practice and ideas to ensure we could maximise conversions.”

Channel Accelerator delivered £500k of new-business revenue in year-one, and has already become over 20% of the EMEA business. The service has been scaled globally, with Channel Accelerator and the Nexus powered dashboard now live in the UK, Germany, and North America. It enabled CRN to grow by 10% YoY to a turnover of £4m – results that were achieved despire a recession-hit technology sector that posted record 20% declines in FY23.

The Channel Company created this platform to serve the needs of a resource constrained customer base, and the Channel Accelerator supported vendors by offering a full service, full funnel platform. Active clients include Tier 1 Enterprise IT clients Microsoft, Arrow, Schneider, NetApp, and Agilitas.

Channel Accelerator is now a platform serving both EMEA and North America offering a growth stream for CRN and The Channel Company, and a cutting-edge intent-based ABM solution for its happy customers!

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