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ABC Jul-Dec 2015: Dennis reports strong ABC across current affairs, motoring, tech and lifestyle divisions

- The Week celebrates its 35th consecutive print ABC increase and impressive digital circulation figures, with a combined ABC of 238,765, up 4.8% YOY -
- Cyclist reports impressive 4.7% print increase YOY-
- Motoring titles Land Rover Monthly and Octane see print increase of 4% YOY and 3.2% YOY respectively-
- Increases for both Fortean Times and Viz -
- Fortnightly technology titles Web User and Computer Active show growth in an increasingly tough market -


London, Thursday 11th February 2016: Dennis Publishing can today report a strong ABC performance across its portfolio of current affairs, motoring, tech and lifestyle brands.


Current affairs title The Week reports 2% YOY print increase, 25.4% YOY digital publication certificate circulation increase


The media company’s flagship title The Week continues its print and digital success, growing its combined circulation by 4.8% YOY, 2.2% POP to 238,765.


James Tye, Chief Executive of Dennis Publishing, said: ‘The Week had an outstanding 2015. The brand significantly grew its circulation both in print and digitally, whilst undertaking two major brand extension launches with The Week Junior and The WeekDay app. Its continued success can be put down to the flawless editorial offering, the targeted subscriptions model and Dennis’ continued investment in the brand.’


Cyclist magazine bucks market trend with 4.7% YOY print and 4% YOY combined increase


Dennis’ road cycling title Cyclist, which launched into a crowded market three years ago, celebrates an impressive 4.7% print increase YOY. The brand has grown from strength to strength, launching a successful website in 2015 to complement the print offering.


Land Rover Monthly increases circulation to 22,075; Octane reaches 39,371 print circulation, whilst Auto Express reports stable circulation of 45,150 down -0.4% POP


Specialist motoring titles Land Rover Monthly and Octane celebrate strong ABC results, with combined circulation increase of 3.6%YOY and 3.3% YOY respectively.


Auto Express reports a steady POP circulation, - 0.4% POP, -2% YOY, growing the brand influence in the market, which saw its online counterpart increase monthly unique visits by 38% YOY to over 3million, with page views up 64% YOY.

WebUser up 1.4% YOY to 29,463 and Computer Active reports circulation of 87,565


As UK’s largest technology publisher, Dennis is pleased to report an increase of 1.4% YOY for WebUser and a stable result for Computer Active down a negligible -0.8% YOY to 87, 565, showing the strength of its fortnightly brands in an increasingly fragmented market.


Iconic British magazine Viz reports circulation increase of 0.4% and Fortean Times sees an increase of 0.3%
Viz, now in its 36th year of publication, and Fortean Times, in its 43rd year, both grew YOY with increases of 0.4% and 0.3% respectively.


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