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Steering Groups

One of the key objectives of AOP is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and build networking ties across the industry.

As well as access through our events, website and research, publisher members are granted exclusive access to six industry steering groups, including Commercial, Research, B2B, Product Development, Ad Ops and Audience Development. Member organisations have the opportunity to send key members of their staff to represent them at group meetings.

AOP groups meet each quarter to share knowledge, opinions and advice on key industry subjects, to continually improve their digital businesses. The groups have worked on and released industry responses to the ‘cookie law’, and examine current issues such as ad blocking on an ongoing basis. We connect our members together to build relationships, strengthen their position and to influence the industry as a collective entity.

Whilst relevant guest speakers are often invited to present to the groups, they have the unique advantage of being vendor-free.

Ad Ops

The Ad Ops Steering Group operates to discuss and share advice on the latest developments in ad tech, ad issues such as ad blocking, latency and fraud, and any new regulations and standards.

Audience Development

The Audience Development group is for anyone responsible for growing audiences and engagement through disciplines like SEO, Social, data analysis, paid traffic, partnerships and marketing for a publisher.


The B2B Steering Group operates to keep members up to date on developments within the digital industry, to allow members to share experiences and best practice within the B2B sphere.


The AOP Commercial group operates to share views, update members with new relevant business information, represent AOP members on key issues within agencies, facilitate networking and provide a forum to review suppliers.


As the newest addition to our groups, our HR Steering Group was set up for HR representatives from across our publisher membership to meet and discuss both opportunities and the most pressing challenges they are facing within their respective organisations, to share advice and to guide AOP on how we can better support their function.

Product Development

The core aim of the group is to remain relevant to those working in developing new products within publishing. Recent topics for discussion have included User testing, Attention Analytics and the commercial challenges of responsive for ad-driven websites.

Research Group

The AOP Research Steering Group operates to share views on key issues, best practice & best suppliers and supporting/steering industry research and developments. Our Research group in particular brings members together to collaborate on proving the value of premium content. We create the opportunities for publishers to engage in conversation with agencies and advertisers through this research.

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AOP on LinkedIn
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