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This year we are changing the way we structure our activities to enable us to more actively support our members in solving the problems they face, through collective action. To achieve this we have created campaigns and explorations which will run throughout 2017 and will focus on key industry subjects.


The objective of campaigns is to solve an industry wide problem that our members face. We campaign to devise a solution and involve all the relevant industry stakeholders to make it happen.


Data is now the pivotal driver of ad revenue and the unique data our Members hold has great power but is that power creating maximum value?


We would suggest that our Members are operating at a high level individually but that the greatest benefit is to be achieved collectively and in that respect, we are not operating at all yet.


Why act collectively? The Walled Gardens are the benchmark that attract the most advertiser attention and revenue, only collectively can we begin to approach that level of quality.


Agencies and Clients need us to act so they can give us more support.

How can we work together without compromising individual Member efforts?

How can we further encourage the excellent ad hoc data partnerships already occurring between Members?

Are there technology solutions that would support this process?


Join the Data Campaign to ensure you maximise the value of your data.


Why you should be involved

If you want to achieve a step change in the value of your data, if you are concerned that you don’t get the Client exposure or agency trading deals you want, if you want to respond to the stated needs of Clients and Agency Groups for a collective data approach. Join us and help to create progress.

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26th April 2017

Quality of data in advertising has been redefined by Facebook and Google. They provide scale, precision and consumer level insight which often leaves our Members competing at a tactical level rather than at the strategic level where Clients set budgets.

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8th June 2017

The AOP Data Forum is part of our campaign on collective data and flows on from our workshop of 26th April 2017 as part of a sustained plan to create progress in this area. There is no bigger opportunity for Premium Publishers to move the ad market than collective use of data.

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Inside Out

Inside Out, AOP Digital Publishing Convention

1st & 2nd November 2017


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