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Native Forum

Thu 26-Oct-2017
13:30 - 18:00
11 Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London W1G 0AN
Google stated that Native would be 80% of the ad market by 2020. But what does that mean to Premium content creators? The Native Forum will bring together Premium content creators, with agency side buyers and creatives as well as technology specialists to help to define the strategic opportunity for premium publishers.


Join our speakers to discuss:

The Native Market in perspective - Chris Rooke, Nativo
The Native opportunity for special interest content - Gareth Shaw, Pulsepoint
Opening up the creative process - Emily Shelley, Sticky Content

What will be asking our panel?
Tell us about the market structure, what are the drivers for you and where do you fit in.
What are the key market developments?
What are the barriers to a better market?
How can we remove these barriers either individually or as an industry?
What do advertisers need?
How can premium publishers capitalise?
Be there to understand the latest market trends and dynamics
Be there to hear the buy side’s perspective
Be there to understand the creative opportunity
Be there to make Native make sense

Featured Speakers View All

Featured Speakers

Dilip Shukla

Head of Content

Gareth Shaw

VP Programmatic Operations EMEA

Emily Shelley

Managing Director
Sticky Content

Chris Rooke

SVP Strategy Operation
Nativo London Ltd
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