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Mobile Monetisation Workshop

09:00 - 11:30
11 Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London W1G 0AN

Mobile is The Answer. What’s the question?

Our mobile workshop of March 8th confirmed the basic problem that our members face: 70% audience mobile, 30% revenue mobile.


But whilst the problem was very clear, it was also clearly complex in nature and requiring of a number of factors to be addressed to create progress.


Thankfully, the AOP has not only been working on mobile monetisation but also on data, ad quality, ad UX and core ad proposition: if we take elements from each of those areas we are approaching real progress towards the fundamental nature of the mobile problem.


Join us at the AOP Forum because Mobile is not the problem, it’s The Answer. In this session we will tap into expert knowledge to bring together the different strands of our campaigns into one package that delivers an upgraded premium publisher ad offer to the market.

  • Be there to see real progress towards a better mobile ad product and revenue stream
  • Be there to influence the development of that product
  • Be there to see how our campaigns and explorations come together
  • Be there to make sure you are involved in our ambitious plans to deliver this exploration at our Convention




1. Introduction: Our plan for Mobile Monetisation


2. Data, from cookies to people, developing the cross device solution. How do we get there? What is the importance and opportunity for location? What is the influence of GDPR?


3. Format developments and approach. How do we balance UX, page load speed and “impactful” formats? What about BetterAds? What do we present to the Industry?


4. From ad formats to viewability, fraud and brand safety.


5. How do we put the offer together?


6. How will it work at The Convention? How do we get the right buy side and Member audience there? How do we ramp up the networking to follow?

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