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Data Forum

13:30 - 18:00
11 Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London W1G 0AN

The AOP Data Forum is part of our campaign on collective data and flows on from our workshop of 26th April 2017 as part of a sustained plan to create progress in this area. There is no bigger opportunity for Premium Publishers to move the ad market than collective use of data.


Quality of data in advertising has been redefined by Facebook and Google. Agencies and DSPs have tried to follow suit by applying various data sources through their Programmatic stacks.


This is compromising Premium Publisher revenue as Facebook and Google take control of strategic client budgets and the demand side tries to lower CPMs by “buying audiences”


But the future is bright for Premium Publishers who want to create progress:

- In the UK and globally your contemporaries are creating numerous highly effective data partnerships

- The demand side needs Premium Publishers to work collectively to access strategic level budgets

- New technologies make it easier than ever to mix and match data


Be there to:

  • Meet Premium publishers who are looking to create data partnerships
  • Hear expert views on how to access strategic client ad budgets at CMO/CEO level
  • See how new technology can productise data sharing amongst AOP Members
  • Move the market in your direction


If you’re an AOP publisher member you are entitled to complimentary tickets. Please make sure you’re logged into the AOP website to access free tickets. Tickets are available to purchase for Associate members and non-members.

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Featured Speakers

Dilip Shukla

Head of Content






1400-1415 - The Current AOP Position

Richard Reeves and Dilip Shukla, AOP


AOP has been canvassing Members and Board, as well as tech companies and buy side. Put together with our workshop of April 26th we have clear direction on a collective data approach and actions. Find out our latest position and direction. See what’s coming next in collective data.


1415-1435 - A deeper look into a Member Data Partnership

Julia Dear, Sales Director, Haymarket

Eleanor Marshall, Audience Manager, Global

AOP Members have been pursuing ad hoc data partnerships with each other more actively than ever. Learn from one key example. Why partner? How? What was the process? And what were the

results? Should there be more of these partnerships and how can we encourage them?


1435-1455 - The lessons of Premium Publisher Collectives

Matt Prohaska, Prohaska Consulting

There are numerous examples of publisher collectives around the world. What can we learn from them? What purpose should a collective have and what results can be expected? What should an AOP collective look like?


1455-1510 - A new flavour of data collective

Steve Lilly, Bombora

With roots in the B2B space, this collective has enabled individual publishers to power up their data capabilities with open sharing. How could it work as a collective?


1510-1530 - Break


1530-1550 Inspecting buy side technology:

Mike Shaw, Dataxu

Buy side technology is built to deliver consumer level insight. Do publishers need to go there?Does new technology offer the chance to rapidly and actionably merge datasets?

Find out the advantages of buy side technology for publishers. See how integrated data sets can allow clearer attribution of results and invalidate old models that favour search and social over true brand building media choices.


1550-1610 - Moving from cookies to people

Richard Foster, LiveRamp

Collective data is probably operating at half of its capacity if we don’t find a way to move from cookies to logged in users and start delivering certainty in cross device targeting. Find out the opportunity and the pitfalls from the experts.


1610-1630 - Advice from the buy side

Dan Larden, Infectious Media

How is the buy side building data as a product? What’s the value proposition, the Client pitch and how is it built? How do you move from media insight to consumer level insight? What’s the view on a collective approach to data from AOP Members? How valuable would it be? What should our approach look like?


1630-1700 - Panel

We’ll bring our experts together to debate how it all comes together? What is the potential of collective data for Premium Publishers? When does a “few publishers” become a serious market force? Should a collective pursue a data walled garden? Why? What are the right product and technology moves? What would the world look like once the approach was working?


Finally, we’ll wrap with key actions to move forward.




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