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Advertising UX Workshop

14:30 - 18:00
11 Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London W1G 0AN

Our first workshop on advertising UX struggled to balance the buy side’s demands for viewability and the need to create good site UX and so this second workshop is designed to provide a deeper focus on ad UX.


The IAB’s study of 2016 shows that nearly three-quarters (73%) of marketers and media agency executives believe that user experience needs improvement in digital marketing.


We believe that the benefits of working towards better ad UX are widespread and fundamental

- better ad effectiveness

- higher unit value per ad

- better overall site engagement and UX

- lower ad blocking

- more publisher control over ad UX

- closer involvement of buy side and better promotion of the excellent ad UX we offer


This workshop will place structured questions to a team of leading experts to deliver a clear approach to the challenge that will be unveiled at our Convention on November 1st and 2nd.




1. Introducing the challenge

How did we get here? What are we trying to achieve here, at The Convention and into the future?


2. Reviewing our Member activities in ad UX

We have surveyed member ad UX approaches and will review the response here. How many formats do Members offer? Which are the key formats and what is the trend? How consistent are formats across Members?


3. What approach would we prefer to take to ad UX?

How can we co-operate to deliver better ad UX? Do we need to rationalise formats? Is more comprehensive research necessary?


Do we need to bring in experts to advise on possible UX approaches?

What would a short term practical approach look like?

What would a longer term/visionary approach look like?

How might we develop these approaches and take them to market?


4. How do we move The Industry in our direction?

What is the importance of BetterAds? Are ISBA/IPA important? Can we engage with the buy side to develop this approach in partnership? How can we drive better and more effective creative work into our publications? Should we engage PR for our approach?


5. What should our approach to The Convention look like?

We have a 1 hour slot to engage publishers and the Industry, what is the best approach? Who should be there? Do we need more advice or are we ready to get our story out there?

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