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Ad Blocking Forum

13:30 - 18:00
11 Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London W1G 0AN

AdBlocking continues to grow creating a major problem for the industry, publishers are losing revenues and advertisers are losing audience reach but our Members are fighting the threat collectively and successfully.


The AOP AdBlocking Forum is part of our campaign to attack the problem and flows on from our workshop of February 16th as part of a sustained plan to create progress in this area.


Be at the AOP AdBlocking Forum to:


- Understand the true business impact of adblocking


- See the most successful methods to combat ad blocking


- Understand and participate in the latest collective actions Premium Publisher Members are taking to combat this threat

Featured Speakers View All

Featured Speakers

Dilip Shukla

Head of Content

Fiona Salmon

VP Global Business Development
Vibrant Media

Mark Finney

Director of Media & Advertising

Sagi Katz

Head of Business

Johnny Ryan

Head of Ecosystems




1. Introduction: The Current AOP Position

What are the objectives for our collective approach to adblocking? What is the scale and impact of the problem? What was the key Member input to the Workshop? What is the collective opportunity? What actions are we pursuing?


2. How to combat ad blocking and reclaim lost revenues

For an insight into the strategies and tactics to combat ad blocking, how is progress being created. An expert publisher viewpoint with hard numbers that show the financial benefits of a creative approach to the challenge. Why and how should we consider collective action?


3. Tech Hotspot Minipanel

We have put together a mini panel of tech leaders to assess the current success and likely future direction of technology in the battle against adblocking. How do we increase the effectiveness of our user interaction? How far does tech need to go? What about Google Chrome? What is the answer, here and now?


4. Ad formats to combat ad blocking and engage users

How can ads be a positive part of the user experience and part of positive progress against ad blocking? Vibrant are researching UX and developing new high value formats, hear their expert view as they share new studies, formats and thoughts on the way forward.


5. The Client viewpoint

Is Ad blocking a priority for Clients? What is the business impact? What advice are agencies giving Clients on the problem? How do ISBA see they way forward? How can ISBA and AOP work together to create progress?


6. Finding the way forward, Panel

What does a resolution to ad blocking look like? How do we bring groups of publishers together? How and when should collective action take place? How do we engage the industry? What is the opportunity for technology? How do we engage with users to help them understand the value of premium content?


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