Emily Bird 2

Emily Bird, Immediate Media

Individual Excellence Awards
Sales Person of the Year

Emily was challenged with single-handedly growing an untapped revenue stream via high intent commerce content which, when she joined, was inaccessible to clients wanting to reach Immediate’ audience of 87m users. Against an uncertain market and supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, Emily was faced with a proposition designed to serve the Ads market and pricing prohibitive for her clients. She had to work tirelessly to gain the trust of multiple cross-functional teams and senior stakeholders, and continuously pivot to create a proposition that served her clients whilst protecting Immediate’s brand values and their users.

With no sales experience but a strong understanding of the digital media and marketing landscape, Emily quickly learned what clients sought from publishers as affiliate partners. She challenged senior stakeholders to innovate Immediate’s existing ad formats to offer contextually relevant placements and to re-examine historic pricing to ensure both met the performance marketing objectives of her clients. Emily built these placements into bespoke omnichannel campaigns without cannibalising Immediate’s established and high performing advertising partnerships.

She established and nurtured direct relationships with clients, agencies, and networks to unlock increased commission rates, aligning their objectives with internal content strategy and SEO insights ot deliver incremental growth. Emily also strengthened partnerships whilst consistently pursuing new business, agilely adapting her sales strategy to serve clients from a number of markets. Simultaneously, Emily was solely responsible for the performance and optimisation of her client’s campaigns, ensuring their satisfaction with results. She successfully secured repeat business with a high volume of clients.

Emily achieved 636% YOY growth by creating access to previously unreachable high intent commerce content for a diverse mix of clients. She drove this exceptional growth by herself, and later successfully created a business case for hiring a Junior Project Manager to execute campaign delivery. Her performance and success in the first six months of 2021 resulted in the commerce tenancy budget being reforecast by over 100% - which she went on to exceed.

She successfully diversified both commerce and business advertising streams. Emily has shaped a new business model to drive transactions via the affiliate channels, resulting in her unlocking an entirely new revenue stream for Immediate Media and their partners that’s set to grow further in 2022.

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