Best Research / Insight Project 2017

Congratulations to RBI who are the winners of Best Research / Insight Project 2017

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Your ‘Elevator Pitch’


In 2016, Community Care faced increased competition and cash-strapped local authority customers who needed to reduce spend due to public sector funding cuts.

We used a variety of research techniques to delve deeper into customer needs. This enabled us to reposition the brand’s value proposition and secure revenue growth by ensuring our product solved customer problems.

In a challenging market place, with increased scrutiny on ROI, we’ve secured 9% growth in our subscriptions business, with examples of increased average order value from customers as a result of a robust research-led approach.

Customer satisfaction levels are at a record high.



Set The Scene

Community Care has 3 main revenue streams, face-to-face events, recruitment and subscriptions. The subscription business consists of two products, Inform Children and Inform Adults, which local authorities purchase for their social workers. Strategically, the focus is on growing the subscription business as this provides predictable revenue through annual contracts.

The main competitor to Inform is a charity, Research in Practice, which provides subsidized licences at £15k for the whole workforce.

Renewals and new business were at risk due to our competitor’s low prices and customers being reluctant to spend when faced with budget cuts and rising demand for services.


Tell Us The Story

We used a 4-pronged approach to deliver insight that has led to innovation in product development and transformed how we sell the product.

1. A matrix of competitive advantage survey was conducted with customers to understand how Inform was perceived in comparison to competitors. This showed that our main competitor was seen as a more holistic solution to supporting learning – Inform was perceived as a knowledge look-up tool most useful to proactive practitioners.


2. 3 days of in depth customer discovery interviews where we spoke to practitioners at all levels of a local authority children’s services. This helped us uncover their strategic needs, workflow requirements and why some social workers weren’t using Inform.

3. Value-based sales training with our sales team, which included learning how to research a customers’ needs before meeting them, and how to uncover strategic needs. This included gaining insight from editorial about challenges a council may be facing.

4. Reviewing all metrics across all Community Care products to understand what content drives the most engagement and is of the most value to customers. As well as content analytics, we did a deep dive into our Net Promoter Scores, customer satisfaction metrics, and categorized all user feedback into themes.


Innovation Games, which are all about creating breakthrough products through collaborative play, were then used to involve the whole team in product innovation based on this research and insight.

The Results


This insight drove 9% revenue growth in the subscription business in 2016. Net Promoter Scores increased to record highs of 67 on Inform Children and 64 on Inform Adults. In response to customer needs, we repositioned Inform as a tool to support quality and consistency across the workforce, developing new content to cater to for different learning styles and all types of practitioners – proactive, time poor and underperforming. This included social learning tools such as our “learn on your lunch series” with video and visuals for interactive learning.


We also launched our supported learning pilot with Cornwall County Council to enable practitioners to test their knowledge.

Inform was improved through a redesign of both sites. This made it easier for time-poor social workers to find information with a clean design, simplified navigation, clearer content categories and a new search engine. Customers now see Inform as a money saving tool.

Best Research / Insight Project 2017

Best Research / Insight Project 2017 sponsored by Deloitte

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