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September and finally…featuring Marketplace, Privacy, Audience and Digital Marketing Stats



Stronger together: why publishers are cooperating to compete

Native delivers brand safety in a programmatic world

Amazon pushes programmatic ad efforts

MoPub add viewability from IAS and Moat to developer kit

Ad industry must reconsider viewability metrics

A publisher’s perspective on cross-channel attribution challenges

Side effect of the pivot to video: audience shrinkage




How EU’s ePrivacy law could impact publishers

GDPR will change data protection - here’s what you need to know

GDPR requires privacy by design, but what is it and how can marketers comply?

Why GDPR is great news for marketers and will create a more efficient data economy

IAB launches new push against EU privacy proposal

Facebook fined €1.2m by Spain’s data privacy regulator in stern warning ahead of GDPR

GDPR: The death knell for programmatic advertising?

When rules aren’t made to be broken




Newspapers record huge mobile readerships gains

Magazines record strong readership in both print and mobile

90% of publishers, brands and agencies say cross media measurement would help drive digital ad spend

The Google-Facebook duopoly extends to mobile apps: What can marketers do?

Facebook claims it can reach more young people than exist in the UK

What’s up with Facebook’s reach estimates?


Market Stats


More than half of Brits use an ad blocker and other fascinating digital marketing stats

Personalisation generates 50% higher email open rates and other digital stats

Mobile video adspend jumps 142% in Q2 and other marketing stats

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